10 facts about a Saas-Bahu serial

Sacrifice knows no limit.

The most disastrous turn that Indian television took was, when they decided to never end a serial and extend it with spicy plots and keep TRPs and wallets heavy. The following article plans to point out some of the characteristic features of today’s serials which are nothing but banality. Before you go through this, please understand that I had to go through some viewing of these soaps, which indicates the trauma I went through! Also, collecting the pictures again meant that I had to go through the episodes for the shots. So, kindly do pity me and give some credit!

1. Resurrection


I never quite understood the significance of death in SB (Saas-Bahu) soaps. The sudden tragic death of a ‘moral’ character would cover huge shock waves and numerous gloomy episodes of his wife in a white saree and staring at a particular abstract random point and having flashbacks of cozy moments. This is followed by the uprise and dominance of the villain over the poor family members. And when the villain is about to sign some papers or do something very very important that is going to change the very fate of the serial, suddenly the protagonist resurrects from the dead and boldly unveils the villain/fight him ( but hardly kills him, as in the case of typical bollywood movies).

2. Heaven or Hell

Heaven or Hell

Kindly notice the lifestyles. Yes! Either they are rich khandaans with a joint family having companies worth Crores in the share market and talking about 100 Crore projects and client deals, driving in imported cars with chauffeurs, (God knows only how), or they live in ‘Chawls’ and are extremely poor standing in queue to collect potable water and working as a mechanic or so . They are generally always having kind and generous ‘bade dilwale’ nature but, one of their neighbour is a rookie villain who spies on them or tries to frame them.

When their property is taken, suddenly they are faced with abject poverty.

3. All is Gold and glitters all time long!

All is Gold and glitters all time long!

While writing the second point, it came to my mind about the strict dress code. The High class ladies will always be wearing gold weighing about the armour of Hercules. They would always be wearing full make-up and designer sarees. When I say always, I mean it! I wonder how they decide what to wear for a wedding.

4. Saul Goodman? Better call Bahu!

Saul Goodman? Better call Bahu!

Education never did matter much. Intially, the bahu would just be a homemaker, bonding family ties and cooking sarso da saag, without much knowledge about business and the legal works. But when the villain somehow takes over their family property or frames the innocent husband of murder, somehow all the lawyers in the world are on holiday and this very same Bahu takes up the mammoth task of magically turning into a lawyer and taking up the case against the best lawyer in town (the best lawyer in town is always hired by the villain) and even wins it after engaging the viewers for 4 episodes and one Maha Episode!! This makes Saul Goodman seem like a wet cat!

5. Mentalist


The best quality of SB serial characters is that they possess the power of mentalist. They always do not need to speak out aloud. Often, we come across scenes where they think something but the people around her can’t hear. Only the viewers glued to the television possess the power to hear their inner thoughts! Wow!

6. They never drank Branolia.

They never drank Branolia.

For those of you who haven’t seen the ad, Branolia is a syrup that claims to improve memory power. I guess the SB characters never had the luxury to buy Branolia. Whenever one of the characters learn the true identity of the villain and tries to drive off with it/ the villain removes the brakes of the lead character, he/she always ends up with an accident and irrespective of other physical damage, memory loss is a must! It is so easy for them to lose their memory and remember everything else (like driving a car, route to office, favourite brands of clothing etc. ) except the most important facts needed to finish the part of the story in one episode. I would personally love to buy them a bottle of Branolia.

7. My foot!

My foot!

Whenever they introduce a new figure especially an unexpected one, they always have one common point to start- foot. In case of a rich character, the scene starts with the back door of a black sedan opening and a black shoe/ glittering high heel coming out and placing the feet on the ground. In case of a poor character, the scene starts with the back door of a black Autoricksaw- Oh sorry! Auto has no backdoor in Mumbai and they are yellow and black combo. Anyway, it’s a chappal/ sandal coming out and placing the feet on the ground. It takes about one break to finally show the face.

8. If it’s not meant to be, it is never meant to be!

If it's not meant to be, it is never meant to be!

The thing about fate in SB serials is that if two characters are not meant to see each other for a given number of episodes, they won’t see each other. They would be in the same lift, in the same toilet, in the same temple tolling the same bell, they would have a head-on-collision, stand next to each other, sit next to each other, drink water from the same glass and what not together- but! But! But! They simply won’t see each other. Period.

9. Sacrifice knows no limit.

Sacrifice knows no limit.

The most amazing power that a Bahu possesses and no Superhero does, is the high will to sacrifice. She can love, cook, have fun, dance, groove and above all- sacrifice. Sacrifice makes her feel like God. She would bear any amount of mental torture, pain and still play Gandhiji with her ill-wishers. When a Bahu is supposed to sacrifice, she generally does it in the following forms- i) She sacrifices her husband. ii) She sacrifices her family. iii) She remarries for n number of times. iv) She portrays herself as the villain for the safety of her husband, who on the other hand, would be disappointed with her for breaking trust and stuff. LOL!

10. Bonus- Skip during festivals!

Bonus- Skip during festivals!

The best prediction of a serial is that now you can skip it during festivals because there is nothing to lose! During the event of a festival, there is hardly five minutes of story. Everyone would be in traditional attire bouncing to the tunes of the latest Hindi masala numbers. So, during a festival you can convince your mom to spare the remote for an evening of your favourite tv viewing.

Urgh! My head hurts now! Enough! Of course there are dozen more loopholes to point out and some of them are obvious but now I can’t force my mind anymore! I tried my best here! And in case you do have some more in your mind that I can add here, please do mail me at spondan@gmail.com¬†and I would add it here with your name! Happy Reading!


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