10 Great Books on Photography

10 Great Books on Photography

Are you a passionate photographer and want to read some great books on photography? There are many photographers whose words are as inspiring as the photos they click. Here I have listed 10 of the best books about photography that will influence and motivate you.

1. The Camera

Author:- Ansel Adams ISBN:- 0821221841 The Camera is the first of the series of three books, including The Negative and The Print. In this series, Adams describes the working of a camera till the final printing process. The series is exhaustive and proves how relevant the legend’s words are.

 The Camera

2. On Photography

Author:- Susan Sontag ISBN:- 0142035781 In her seminal work, Sontag critiques the medium, confronting the readers with questions about the moral and aesthetics that surround it. Susan also questions if photography manufactures a sense of authority in life.

On Photography

3. Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography

Author: Roland Barthes. ISBN: 00992254171 This book studies the relationship between photography and life. It is an investigation into the nature of images and memory, which eventually becomes a look inside Barthes’ mind.

Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography

4. Sumo

Editor: June Newton Photographer: Helmut Newton ISBN: 3836517302 This 480 paged mammoth is look at the images of one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century. Once the world’s most expensive book, this version is quite affordable now.


5. PhotoJOJO! Insanely Great Photo Projects and DIY Ideas

Author: Amit Gupta Photographer: Kelly Jensen ISBN: 0307451429 The hugely successful photography website, www.photojojo.com, now comes as a book! Full of DIY tutorials, the book encourages creative thinking to enhance the images you make.

PhotoJOJO! Insanely Great Photo Projects and DIY Ideas

6. Understanding Exposure

Author: Bryan Peterson ISBN: 0817439390 The book helps demystify the concept of exposure with simple descriptions and easy-to-understand languages. The author really does well in simplifying basic concepts for the readers along with beautiful illustrative examples as well.

Understanding Exposure

7. Ways of seeing

Author: John Berger ISBN: 014103579X Berger’s Ways of seeing has been regarded as one of the most influential books on art criticism. It is an eye opener on how we interpret images. The book traces the birth of photography to what it has become today.

Ways of seeing

8. The Best camera is the one that’s with you

Author: Chase Jarvis ISBN: 0321684788 We carry a phone with us wherever we go, yet we have still not unleashed its fantastic photography prowess. This book explores the world of iPhone photography in a creative manner.

The Best camera is the one that’s with you

9. Nomad

Author: Jelle Brandt Corstius Photographer: Jeroen Toirkens ISBN: 90209959871 This is visually stunning book about the life of the people in the Northern Hemisphere, from Greenland to Turkey. This book features beautiful images that reveal what living in those places is like.


10. Within the frame: The journey of photographic vision

Author: David Duchemin ISBN: 0321605020 Instructional and inspirational, within the Frame is a breakthrough in finding your creative voice and how to express your photography vision. This book features some beautiful stories and images by David Duchemin during his travels.

Within the frame: The journey of photographic vision


What have you decided then? Which one are you going to buy? All the books mentioned above are great and worth reading. You can buy them on Amazon.com and learn photography in a better way.


Abhijit Roy

Student of Film Editing at RGFTI. Co-founder of Creativica.

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