10 HTML Historical Facts you should know

10 HTML Historical Facts you should know
10 HTML Historical Facts you should know

It is almost 21 years since the first initial release of HTML. And since then, the development of HTML has gone on, steady, and seemingly unstoppable. The latest initial release of HTML which we call HTML5 has opened up huge possibilities to the web developers and designers. Here are 10 facts of HTML which you must know if your profession is related to the World Wide Web.

1. The inventor

Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee

HTML was invented by Tim Berners-Lee.

2. The proposal

The proposal

The inventor Tim Berners-Lee wrote a memo in 1980 proposing an internet based hypertext system and in late 1990 he wrote the browser and server software and specified the HTML.

3. The HTML logo

The HTML logo

The first ever HTML logo was designed by W3C, acronym of the World Wide Web Consortium.

4. First HTML elements

Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee


In 1991 Tim Berners-Lee documented HTML which was called “HTML Tags” consist of 18 HTML elements for simple web page design.

5. Initial release

Initial release

The initial release of HTML was in 1993, almost 21 years ago.

6. Open Format

Open Format

The HTML released under Open Format specifications which means it can be used and implemented by both proprietary and free and open source software.

7. Flash vs. HTML5

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs issued a public letter in April 2010 titled “Thoughts on Flash” where he mentioned that Flash is no longer necessary to watch web contents and in November 2011, Adobe announced that they will discontinue the development of Flash and concentrate on developing tools utilizing HTML5.

8. Who coded the first web browser

The first web browser and editor

The first web browser and editor

WorldWideWeb was the first web browser and editor. It was coded by Tim Berners-Lee using a NeXT Computer and was the only way to view the web.

9. The names

The names

Before it was WorldWideWeb, Tim Berners-Lee proposed different names of his newly invented application; The Mine of Information and The Information Mesh were among them.

10. Displaying images

Displaying images

HTML5 now can play videos and audios directly within your web browser, but way back in 90’s when the first web browser was launched it didn’t even support or display embedded images.


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