10 Inspiring Photography Website for Beginners


The internet has many insightful and inspirational works on photography. While some beautifully designed website encourages creativity, there are others which offer tutorials on how to become a better photographer. Here I present 10 of the best photography websites you must visit.

10. About Photography

Learn about the variety of things from internet etiquettes to complex photography techniques on this website.

about photography

9. PetaPixel

Petapixel features interesting posts from all over the internet that are related to photography, along with several tutorials and interesting projects.


8. Burn

Burn showcases works of emerging  photographers. This is one of the best websites to keep you updated with the kind of work photographers are engaging themselves in.

burn magazine

7. Photo.net

Photo.net is a great website for learning, and is the perfect blend of art and education. The website features information about several camera brands as well as photography tutorials too.


6. Guide to Film Photography

Guide to Film Photography is dedicated to the wonder of film photography and how it is still relevant in a digital world. The website has tips on making pictures using film, comparison with digital photography and processing too.

Guide to Photography

5. 500px

An alternative to Flickr, 500px is a social photography sharing website, where a photographer can share their best works. The display size of the images is much larger than what Flickr allows, and are displayed prominently.


4. ePhotozine

ePhotozine covers various aspects of photography. From reviews to techniques, as well as several photographs shared by members are featured on this website.


3. AllTopPhotography

This website scours the internet to find the latest news in the world of photography, collated into one neat webpage. Instead of visiting several websites, you could simply visit this one instead.

All top Photography

2. Flakphoto

This website presents the work of artists, curators and photographic organizations. It also features a digital archive of contemporary photographs updated five times in a week.


1. Flickr

Flickr is one of the most popular websites to share your photographs with the world. A constant inspiration from peers makes this one of the best websites to showcase your work.



Abhijit Roy

Student of Film Editing at RGFTI. Co-founder of Creativica.

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