10 websites for Film making student and aspiring Filmmakers

10 websites for Filmmaking student and aspiring Filmmakers
10 websites for Filmmaking student and aspiring Filmmakers

Hello guys, as a student of Film school, I am always on the lookout for some online resources that can help me to developed my skill, learn something new about films and what the recent trend of film making and its different aspects are. Here I have sort out a list of websites which are very much helpful for film making student.

1. Cinema 5D


Cinema 5D provides video reviews of cinema capable new cameras and accessories. It is a very helpful website for cinematography students or professionals.

2. Filmmaker IQ

Filmmaker IQ

Filmmaker IQ is a group of filmmakers and they publish tutorials, videos, and interviews covering all aspects filmmaking from screenwriting to production, post-production to distribution, acting to funding of a film.

3. Lights Film School

Lights Film School

Light Film School is an online school of film making.  Currently Light Film school offer 3 different enrollment plans-  (a) Student $399, (b) Academic $499 and (c) Scholar $549.

4. Still Motion

Still Motion

Still Motion is a Portland (Oregon) based website for film makers. They publish articles on storytelling, screenplay writing and other aspects of film making. 

5. Ryan Walters

Ryan Walters

This is a personal website of Cinematographer Ryan E. Walters. Here are lots of articles about cinematography so I think this website is really helpful in aspiring cinematographer and film makers. Ryan Waltes also has a Stock Footage Library in his website which is ready for download in edit friendly formats, resolutions from 4k down to 480p.

6. Retooled


Retooled is mainly for post production tutorials from editing to compositing. This website is mainly for post production people. And they also provide a tool called reLink retooled.

7. No Film School

No Film School

No film School is a worldwide community of video producers, filmmakers and independent creative minds. This websites deals with all aspects of filmmaking.

8. Indie Tips

Indie Tips

Indie Tips publishes filmmaking tips from writing to cinematography, VFX, acting, editing, producing… the list goes on and on.

9. Red Shark

Red Shark

Follow Red Shark for the latest news of filmmaking techniques from VFX to Sound, Cinematography to editing.

10. Cines copophilia

Cines copophilia

Cines Copophilia provides the latest news about camera gear and cinematography. If you are a cinematographer then you can also share your brilliant videos with the Cines copophilia community. Cines copophilia helps Indie, Pro-filmmakers and gear makers to find each others.


Abhijit Roy

Student of Film Editing at RGFTI. Co-founder of Creativica.

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