10 Websites to Learn PHP for Free

10 Websites to Learn PHP for Free
10 Websites to Learn PHP for Free

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. Being a cross-platform, server side scripting language, it’s a choice of millions of developers for developing dynamic web pages. It’s an easy to learn, robust technology and it’s supported by most of the web hosting companies.

There are lots of websites to learn PHP from. But as a beginner you might get confused. Where to start from? To ease your confusion here are 10 great sites to learn PHP from. You can choose any one or all of them.

1. W3Schools.com


w3schools.com is a very popular online tutorial website. You can learn various scripting and programming languages from this website. It’s the right place for beginners to learn PHP.

2. Tizag.com


tizag.com is another easy-to-learn tutorial website. It’s a must visit website for wannabe web programmers. A good place to build a solid base of PHP.

3. CodecAdemy.com


A cool website to start PHP programming. Just try this website once. You’re gonna love it.

4. PHPAcademy.org


Another website to learn PHP from. There are lots of video tutorials to ease your journey to the world of PHP.

5. HTML.net


One more useful website. Contents are nicely written for beginners. You may try this website to acquire knowledge on PHP scripting.

6. LearnPHPOnline.com


Another cool site to enrich your knowledge with all the information you may need while learning PHP. You will get a detailed description of how to build dynamic contents.

7. PHP.net


This is the official website of PHP. It’s also a good place to learn PHP from. But, you’re gonna love this site only after you gather some basics from other websites. A very useful resource for details of PHP inbuilt functions.

8. About.com


about.com is not a new website for you, I think. But here, my spotlight is only on the PHP section. You will love the about.com articles on PHP. They are written by experienced programmers.

9. PHPBuddy.com


One more PHP tutorial website. You will also get lots of useful PHP scripts here which may be handy while developing dynamic contents.

10. TuxRadar.com


A website you must try. This site has content for everyone starting from beginners to experts. Very useful for intermediate level programmers.


So, these are the list of 10 websites to learn PHP from. But none of them will make you Mark Zuckerberg overnight. You have to practice a lot. Don’t just read and think. Once you have gained the basics, try to code and solve some problems to sharpen your scripting skill. And if you are stuck with a problem, stackoverflow.com is always there to rescue you. If you still have any confusion, my email id is there.


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