20 Free Visiting Card Templates

Visiting cards are now a very common and necessary thing. Most of us don’t care about the design and look of a visiting card, but unknowingly a visiting card reflects a lot about one’s profession and personality. Therefore, it is very important that our visiting cards look good and effective. Here we bring you you a set of 20 free visiting card templates in PSD format, suitable for every profession and personality.

1. Bujitsu Business Card

A stylish, eastern vCard design suitable for a variety of purposes. Simple to tweak and interesting start to your company brand.

Bujitsu Business Card


2. Simple Design Business Card

A simple and elegant vCard design which oozes minimalism and style. Great way to keep your brand simple and stylish and really easy to customize.

Simple Design Business Card


3. Love Design Business Card

With simple colors, graphics and typography the “Love Design” card is a funky start to your brand identity.

Love Design Business Card


4. Coffeeplace Business Card

Looking for a coffee shop vCard? Here it is, with a suitable graphic, font, and contact details. Easy to experiment with and customizable with your own brand.

Coffeeplace Business Card


5. Ideas Business Card

A stylish, design-centric vCard with a script font, and interesting use of text layout in different directions.

Ideas Business Card


6. YouVogue Business Card

It’s elegant, fashion-conscious. The uses of fonts, placement of materials and simple but effective combination of black and white makes it really awesome and highly demandable.

YouVogue Business Card


7. Revolution Business Card

A completely unique vCard in bright red colors, with an iconic figure and a classic tagline.

Revolution Business Card


8. Taurus Logo & Business Card

This freebie contains both the “Taurus” logo, as well as a vCard design to match. Download it and experiment with your own brand.

Taurus Logo & Business Card


9. Smithy Clean Business Card

The combination of black, white and yellow colors makes it really eye catching without making it overtly vibrant. The typography and the simplicity of its design reflect the boldness of the brand.

Smithy Clean Business Card


10. Cardboard and Torn Paper Business Card

A free vCard template with a grungy and card board effect. It really deals with those who like bold effect.

Cardboard and Torn Paper Business Card


11. Stylish Business Card in Photoshop

With the flame and colors of fire, this simple vCard design stands out among others and reflects the boldness of your brand.

Stylish Business Card in Photoshop


12. Misc the delicate color wheel business card

Two rainbow colored vCard which can really blow your client’s mind. A colorful vCard for a colorful personality.

Misc the delicate color wheel business card


13. Bubble Card Design

If you like bubbles or balloons, than this template will be perfect for you. Combination of four colors but still none of them dominate each other.

Bubble Card Design


14. Technix business card

If you are a technology geek or have some gadget shop, this vCard will be perfect for you. The combination of blue, black and white makes it elegant and bold.

Technix business card


15. Splat Business Card with PSD

A nice and clean grungy effect vCard for creative people. A perfect design for those who are related to any creative work.

Splat Business Card with PSD


16. Corporate AND 2

Sharp and well managed design with dark and hot color combination.

Corporate AND 2


17. Free Business Card PSD

Dark, smoky and sleek vCard design with an abstract background.

Free Business Card PSD


18. Business Card PSD Template

Go green. A vCard that reflects the nature in it. You can use it if do anything related to nature or plants.

Business Card PSD Template


19. Business card templates

This set of 13 PSD files contains different design of templates with lots of color combinations in different way.

Business card templates


20. Tattooist Business Card Template

Tribe vCard is aimed at tattooists and grunge-lovers.

Tattooist Business Card Template



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