Monthly Archive: September 2014

3 AM

Movie Review of 3 A.M.

Given the standards here in India, 3 A.M. could have been a great horror T.V. show, but as a film it is somewhere below average. It is high on the ‘B-grade romantic novel’ emotion and low on the ‘fear factor’...


Movie Review: Khoobsurat

Khoobsurat is by far the most ‘realistic’ film to come out of Disney. There are no 3D effects, VFX or magic wands used in the film, but it has the ‘magic’ of love, silliness and family values. So it is...

Finding Fanny

Movie Review: Finding Fanny

A little ‘love’, a little ‘laugh’ and a heavy dose of simplicity is what makes Finding Fanny sublime. It tells an unsubstantial story in a substantial manner, and doesn’t shy away from defying ‘sense’ at times, only to strike a...

Mary Kom

Movie Review: Mary Kom

Every film is made with the intention of engaging the audience with a certain kind of emotion. A comedy film should make you laugh, a horror film should scare the day lights out of you. Similarly a biopic on a...

The Truth In Our Hearts

[Story] The Truth In Our Hearts

Gurudev Shree Shree Allahrakha Gabriel was a much revered and worshiped figure. He had brought along a revolution in the religion and spiritual sphere in India and the World. People of all religions, castes and ethnic groups followed his every...