Monthly Archive: November 2014


[Story] August | Daya Bhat

Crimson horse faces and rabbit ears were floating in the rare August sky and I wondered why it wasn’t raining cats and dogs instead, at least, as a saving grace, there had to be traces of grey. As I watched,...


5 reasons why you should shop at OSOM

I’m not an official promoter of OSOM wear nor do I gain anything by putting this article up. It is only after buying my third product from them, that I felt truly obliged to let everyone know why OSOM should...


[Poem] Silence

Silence is poetry written by air on the mind – Breathing sense to the soul; To accord oranges in an oculus, And grant vision to the blind. Eternal rumblings of the soothsayer – Saying you should capture the seconds; The...

My Son will be an Engineer

[Story] My Son will be an Engineer

“So you could not get into Civil or Mechanical branches?” the man asked. I stared at the man for a long moment, barely able to control my temper. This was getting too much for me. Why on Earth would I...

A Day and a Dream

[Story] A Day and a Dream

They speak of reality and they speak of dreams. Then they speak of a journey from dream to reality. They also then tell us, the experience of that journey is what counts – I beg to disagree. Of course I...

Kill Dil

Movie Review – Kill Dil

Kill Dil is a classic case of ‘promos are better than the film’. It has a very slick look but everything else is as dull as it can get, or even worse. Two abandoned children who rose under the shadow...