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Movie Review – Interstellar

Varghese was so thrilled after watching Interstellar; he decided to proxy Kubrick’s hand and writes a letter to Christopher Nolan! From ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ to ‘Interstellar’, a letter-cum-review, this is what Varghese thinks of the groundbreaking new sci-fi film...

Responsive Table in Bootstrap

How to make Responsive Table in Bootstrap

Whenever the word Responsive comes to my mind, I think about Bootstrap.  It has completely changed our perception in the field of responsive website layouts. The latest version of Bootstrap is solely devoted to mobile first layouts and that makes...

rodor sithi

Movie Review – Rodor Sithi

Rodor Sithi (Scarecrow) is an Assamese experimental drama film directed by Baharul Islam and based on his play Beyond the Obvious. The film centres on the ideals of a nameless character played by Angaraag Mahanta and lives of his family...

Movie Review - The Shaukeens

Movie Review – The Shaukeens

Rarely one gets to see a film that dares to be different but is also self-contradictory at the same time. The Shau-keens, a remake of the 1982 film Shaukeen, celebrates life in all its ‘sexual’ glory, especially womanhood, but also...

Mrs. Mehta's Son Gattu

[Story] Mrs. Mehta’s Son Gattu

Son – Dad, How do you define what’s right and what isn’t? Father – Anything that harms the collective good of living beings is not right. Son – What if the collective good of a few clashes with the collective...