6 facts about Barsha Rani Bishaya you should know

6 facts about Barsha Rani Bishaya you should know

Barsha Rani Bishaya is a versatile actress and she has proved it throughout her various acts in many platforms. She acted in many films, serials, plays, mobile theaters, etc which were able to gather great positive audience responses.  And I’m sure, whoever watches her acting or dancing becomes her fan. So here are few facts about Barsha.

  1. Barsha was born in Guwahati on 20th September.
  2. Her father Mr. Ashok Kumar Bishaya is a producer/director of the Assamese film industry.
  3. Barsha started her career in the year 1995.
  4. Her first film was Joubone Aamoni Kore, which was her father’s own production.
  5. She is simultaneously an actress, a bihu dancer and an anchor.
  6. Her film Basundhara won the 57th National Film Awards in the category Best Feature Film in Assamese in 2009.


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