A Fanboy’s Guide To The A-Z Of Superheroes And Supervillains

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People always need Heroes in their lives. But in this cut throat and narrow world of ours, when the definition of a Hero takes a beating, having Superheroes makes even more sense. Ancient men fulfilled that void in their lives through characters from literature and drama that dealt with powerful Gods and Goddesses. Hercules, Hanuman and Hathor fulfilled a very important need of humans to feel the presence of beings that were capable of tremendous feats that belittled anything that a common human could ever aspire to do. Evolution and Civilization has changed us a lot, but the desire to experience something bigger than us still remains. Superheroes fulfill that desire now. Comic Book Heroes became a part of Pop Culture and entered the psyche of children from ages 6 to 60!! The oldest stories of Good Vs Evil took a new form and came in the garb of Superheroes-Our Saviours, fighting the ultimate evil beings and keeping us away from harm. They ignited awe, spread happiness and gave hope. With the advent of Big Budget Hollywood films, Superheroes have taken the world by storm. Marvel and DC are two of the most prominent names in the Superhero Universe and they have been spreading their magic for over eight decades. However, their ecosystem has become so large that even for a diehard fan of Superheroes it may sometimes get difficult to follow them all. Therefore, here I present to you some of the most famous names from the Superhero world that can be an introduction of sorts for people who aren’t yet aware of them and a brief revisit for fans who swoon over the very mention of the term Superhero. I give you – The A-Z Of Superheroes and Super-villains.

1. A For Ant Man

A For Ant Man

2. B For Batman

B For Batman

3. C For Captain America

C For Captain America

4. D For Dr. Octopus

D For Dr. Octopus

5. E For Electro

E For Electro

6. F For Falcon

F For Falcon


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