A Mother’s Ode

A Mother's Ode

O Lord,

Loved ones are precious,

but it just seems

you couldn’t entitle them live their life

hear my prayer, my grieve!

for my beloved son and heir…

who left for heavenly abode too early.

I could fathom…

There’s a time to be born, and a time to die;

a time with a purpose,

but why too soon.

You greeted him as an embodiment of death.

You laid hold of his naive soul and
soared to heaven

beyond the azure blue skies above,

letting me savoured the solitude.

Convey my abiding love to him

resting in your arms bearing a smile.

“My dear son! I miss you so much,

an air of melancholy, sombre and despair girdles,

this heart longs for your smile, your happiness

Somewhere in the midst of nowhere,

you will always be in our hearts”

O Lord, your light shall shine upon him forever

and nurse him the way I did.


By Arindam Barooah


Arindam Barooah

Arindam Barooah is from Duliajan and presently lives in Guwahati for the purpose of work. He is an avid reader and an aspiring filmmaker who wants to shape dreams into reality.

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