Actor Kopil Bora talks to Creativica about his journey and experiences

Kopil Bora
Kopil Bora

A great actor, a great presenter, a fine gentleman and recently, award winner of Filmfare East 2013 Best Actor for the movie Dwaar, Mr. Kopil Bora talks to Creativica about his journey and experiences so far in the film industry.

A very warm welcome to our E-Magazine, as we all know that you are one of the most talented and versatile actor in this industry, could you tell us about your film career and its success?

My pleasure. Thank you very much Prasenjit and Team Creativica. See Prasenjit, I started my carrier as a theatre actor, my first play was “An Inspector Call”, then I did a play called “Romeo and Juliet” at Cotton College and also played “Purukh” by Arun Sarma and by god’s grace, one-day I met Mr. Bidyut Chakraborty, a very talented film maker. He introduced me as a debutant in his movie “Gun Gun Gane Gane” and that was my career’s turning point. Well, about success, I will be successful when my journey will get over in this film industry, still a long way to go. I’m very positive of my works and always look forward.

Recently you were awarded one of the most prestigious award in this country, The Filmfare Awards East for the movie “Dwaar”. What were the thoughts that came to your mind when you finally held the award and got called in the dice to receive it?

First of all, it was really surprising and like a dream come true. I could not believe that it was me. But I must say, I am so happy for the award, because there were many other equally talented competitors in the ceremony. From my childhood, I’ve grown up watching Filmfare Awards either in magazines or on tv. It was a privilege to receive an award like Filmfare. My role of a mentally challenged person was appreciated by all and yes it was really an honor to represent Assam in the award ceremony.

Sir, How many of your films have received national awards?

No, sorry I’ve not received any national award yet, although Filmfare Awards is my topmost achievement at national level till date.

Assamese film industry has lost its grip over its audience and has failed to attract people in multiplex or cinema halls. We found that about 30 percent of people aren’t even aware about a new movie. How does it effect your career and the industry at large?

See Prasenjit I won’t say industry has lost its grip, the thing is our Assam government has to patronize our film industry. We need more mobile theatres, so that it can reach every corner of Assam or wherever it needs to be reach. I still remember those days when people came to watch movies in cinema halls from different villages, towns and cities. People didn’t have T.V., computers, laptops, cell phones or whatever gadgets we have today. But yes, grip has lost a bit these days, but I hope that our film industry will shine again when we will make good movies, productive movies which will definitely attract the people to cinema halls. And as you know, few good and productive movies have released since the past two years, so I can say and hope, we will fight together against the bad days.

A professional actor/actress has good theatre experience. Does this involvement make your acting more natural on screen?

Theater is the real platform for acting to learn and feel it. Cinema and theater has lots of differences between them, in theaters we just get one chance to perform the role, there aren’t any retakes. But in cinemas, we feel more confident to deliver our dialogs and act. Cinema is related to technology and by using technology, we can present a story in a different way, probably much more beautifully. We learn about different kinds of shots, continuation, improvisation, angles performed in different places and whether as per the script’s demand. An actor/actress needs to work hard for both theater and cinema, both are different and not replacements of each other. An actor/actress should be well aware of the depth of the story and the role he/she is going to play.

As a senior actor in this industry, what will be your suggestion and opinion towards the new comers ?

(Laugh), I don’t think I’m senior enough to suggest someone, I’m still a learner, but yet I would like to urge the new comers that acting is a very difficult profession, it’s not only all about glamour and money, it’s a very bold and difficult task with lots of negative comments from people. You always have to be positive. You’ve to make acting as your passion. After completing your higher education, I will suggest you to take admission in a good acting institute. Involve yourself in school dramas, road plays, watch good films, observe the acting and dialogue deliveries, etc. A role speaks for every individual when it is depicted properly according to the script. So overall we work for society and this form of art is just marvelous. I wish them all the best.

Who is your God father or you can say your inspiration in this industry?

Prasenjit, I can’t name just one person. I have met and saw acting of many people in my life that inspired me a little or a lot. Like Mr. Balraj Sahini, Sanjeev Kumar, Amitabh Bachan, Nasiruddin Shah… you know the list of persons I will never be able to answer this question exactly, because I can’t name one person (laughs) as they are legends, I also learned from my co-stars like Zarifa Wahid with whom I started my carrier as a debutant.

How do you see a regional (Assamese) actor/actress getting chance for a Bollywood Movie like Mr. Adil Hussain, Sima Biswas?

(Laugh) Adil Hussain and Sima baideu are inspiration to all the film lovers and actor/actress in Assam. Both have a very good theatre background as well. A passion for acting will take you to the height of success, just we need to focus and give a little time to this form of art and also grab the opportunity when it comes to us.

What are the upcoming projects you are working on presently?

Presently I’m working on a movie called ‘Kotha Naadi’ (The River of Fables) by debutant director Bhaskar Hazarika with co-stars Adil Hussain, Sima Biswas, Asha Bordoloi. I hope, this movie will receive positive response from the audiences, let’s see what happens.

Sir, can we expect to see you in Bollywood Movies?

  Ya, hope so, I would like do a Bollywood project. But presently I’m busy with my schedules, so let’s see when I can make out time for a Bollywood Movie (sigh).

Who is your favourite Co-star ?

OMG!! (laughs), I can’t name a particular co-star, all my co-stars were very friendly and equally talented. Umm!! Zarifa Wahid, Asha Bordoloi, Rimpi Das, Tanvi are few of them whom I can name as my favorites and close ones.

What difference you find in Assamese film industry compared to other regional film industries in India?

I believe that there is a huge difference in this industry compared to other regional industries in India. Because the market in this region is small and for this we don’t find any exposure. Our Industry is running in financial shortage, therefore, our movies are technically weak. Our government should support film makers and actors in the industry to make a good productive movie.

My last question is “What kind of Locations you generally enjoy doing your shootings in and also prefer for your future projects?”

Locations do make a difference. Locations don’t mean depicting glamour out here. A story always demands something new and creative, thus a location should be changed upon that. Shiv Prasad Thakur’s ‘Abhir Bhairav’ was one such film which was shot totally in London (UK).

Thank you so much for your precious time sir. Team Creativica wishes you all the success in life.

My pleasure Prasenjit! I also wish the team of Creativica all the success for your newly launched e-magazine…thanks a lot!


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