[Poem] Akerue


My life without me,

A speculum through which I see,

Hermes’ lies and Thoth’s folly,

An awakened flower, pleading for a bee.

My life without me,

With dauntless indiscretion in its plea,

Plato’s revelation and Nietzsche’s anger,

The dysfunctional root of a dying tree.

My life without me,

A Sociopath on an illuminating spree,

Mendel’s garden and Darwin’s ship,

The perennial soul is trapped inside a pea.

My life without me,

The autarchic insight might flee,

Newton’s apple and Hiero’s crown,

Behold the cue – hturt is truth, care to agree.


Dev Daniel K Gupta

Dev is an aspiring film-maker based in Mumbai. Films, Writing and Wildlife complete his existence.

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