Anil C. Thakuria: A Passionate Artist

An intermediate stage drawing of Bhupen Hazarika
An intermediate stage drawing of Bhupen Hazarika


Anil C. Thakuria was born and grew up in a small village near Chhaygaon in south Kamrup. Since his childhood he always liked drawing and sometimes, painting as well. His father was a very versatile person with interests in diverse areas ; he was a very accomplished musician and loved doing drawing and painting. Few years ago, when Anil C. Thakuria visited the school he studied in ( Chhaygaon Higher Secondary School ), he saw that a couple of his drawings ( portraits of Nehru and Gandhi ) were still hanging on the wall of the Teachers’ Common Room.

He has never been consistent with his engagement in Art works. Till today he continues to do his Art works in spurts and sporadically only. Long period even years elapse between theses spurts. He also procrastinates.

He had worked for the United States Veterans Health Care System and concomitantly served as a Faculty member in the Department of Internal Medicine at the Ohio State University College of Medicine. He was inducted as a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, which is a very high honor for a physician. He is semi retired now, but clinical practice of medicine and bio-medical Sciences still remain as the love of his life at an intellectual level. He currently resides with his family in Columbus, Ohio.

His Art Activities

His art activities are very sporadic as he shifts to many different hobbies and areas of interest. Over the years he had produced volumes of works at different periods. He also devotes a lot of time in designing and constructing wood work. In the late 1990s till 2000, he had taken classes on Color theory, Principles of drawing and Figure drawing as well as figure painting with some renowned professors at Columbus College of Arts and Designs (CCAD: a nationally known institute) and group figure drawing classes.

He likes to experiment on work surfaces. His favorite medium is oil and loves  ink and pencil drawing. In terms of exhibition, he had taken part only few times,  locally in Columbus at CCAD, High Land Gallery, local gallery and convention etc including Assam Convention in July 2013.

His vast areas of interest include Carpentry, Poetry, Science in general including Physics, astrophysics, literature, philosophy, classical music ( listening to only ), cooking etc.

“I do not consider myself an artist or a creative person. If I put my mind into, I can produce/make ” things” ; but that does not equate to having a creative mind. As I think always like a physicist, in terms of geometry and consider myself as a serious student of science, I am easily drawn to concrete ideas with a logical conclusion. Logical conclusion always does not mean a realm of cause and effect. Quantum physics does not follow this dictum.”

Here are some images of one of the legends of Assam, Bhupen Hazarika, made by this talented artist.

The following are some of his other art works


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