Assam – The Pristine Paradise, a documentary by Alchemy Pixels

Assam - The Pristine paradise

Assam – the land of hills, valleys and vast rolling plain, the land of breathtaking scenery, the land of majestic tea estates, the land of colors, fairs and festivals, the land gifted with dense forest, beautiful rivers, incredible variety of flora and fauna, one-horned rhinoceros, and the land of mighty Brahmaputra. The video was shot in 8 days by Alchemy Pixels team during weekends, the entire month of August across different parts of Assam, exploring the beauty and priceless greenery of the pristine paradise. Alchemy Pixels, as the name suggests adds the magical touch of creativity blended with the art of Photography and Cinematography based in Guwahati, India. Here is Alchemy Pixels’ one of the documentary on the beauty of Assam –


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