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Arunav Deka (Deka)

The Rapper Arunav Deka popularly known as Deka

Arunav Deka is a rapper from Assam, being introduced to music at the age of twelve. His inquisitive nature pushed him to experiment with different styles of music with different instruments from Folk to Funk, Jazz to Math Rock. At the...

Rima Kalita Photography (1)

Photography by Rima Kalita

Rima Kalita is native of Guwahati, presently working as a legal associate in a company in Hyderabad. She is also a state level pistol shooter from Telangana and loves to travel. She liked taking photos but never planned to own...

The Bride

Doodles by Rimy Dey

Rimy Dey – a final year student of MBBS in Assam Medical College. She hails from the city Guwahati and loves doodling and painting. Her other hobbies include singing, writing poetry, reading novels and travelling. Here are some of her...



After having walked all day, The surveyors note reads: Ridge roads are mirrors This is a stone age, not the awakening

Being Woman

Being Woman

“Being a woman is the best thing happened to me.” She said counting her last breaths. Flashbacked the scenes of being looked down, The feeling being treated as material, Where the other gender ruled freedom. Childhood was just a word;...

Daylight Dies

Daylight Dies

The creeping silence makes its way Amidst the drifting fog. The bright crimson skies Fade away for the oncoming shades of grey. As daylight dies Darkness makes it way Among looming shadows. Engulfing everything on it’s path In everlasting monochromatic...