Author: Nilotpal Singha

Spring Fresh Floral Patterns by melemel

50+ Free Photoshop Floral Patterns

Give a nice spring look to your designs using these eight sets of Floral Patterns. Whether you are a web designer, graphic designer or photographer, you can use these patterns as background or give a nice thick border to your...

Abstract grunge brushes by xALIASx

100+ Free Photoshop Grunge Brushes

Do you want to give a grungy look to your designs or want to make your photographs look aged or want to make a nice dirty background? Then you must download these six sets of Grunge Brush and play with...

Final Output

How to Make Blurry Picture Clear using Photoshop

Have you ever encountered problems with blurry and hazy images? Do you also have problems of not having any high resolution version of those photographs or images? Well, here I’m going to show you some simple Photoshop tutorials about how...