Axl Hazarika releases “Maatribhoomi – A Call For Peace” as a tribute to the victims of 2008 Assam Bomb Blasts

Maatribhoomi - A Call For Peace

Axl Hazarika released his Indian/Assamese metal song Maatribhoomi – A Call For Peace on VEVO as a tribute to the victims of the 2008 Assam Bomb Blasts. The song was earlier released in 2008 following the gruesome serial blasts that shook the entire state. It has been written in dedication to Assam and the people who lost their lives in the bombings and in demand for their justice. The music video is lyrical and a visual depiction of the real terror scenes of the 2008 Assam bombings.

Brief History

The 2008 Assam Bombings that had occurred on October 30, 2008, were a series of around eighteen explosions causing at least 77 deaths and 470 injuries. The day is now observed as a Black Day in Assam.

Six years have passed and the culprits are yet to be punished. Maatribhoomi – A Call For Peace also calls for justice for the lives lost and their families.

Axl Hazarika, an industrial/avant-garde artist from Assam is one of the pioneers of industrial/avant-garde music in India. He is the first Indian independent artist to get launched on VEVO. You can watch his music video on Vevo and YouTube or download the song from ElektroKore.


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