Movie Review: Bang Bang

Bang Bang
Bang Bang

The best possible way to describe ‘Bang Bang’ is that it is illogical. Heavily inspired by films like Dhoom 2, Ek Tha Tiger and of course Knight and Day, Bang Bang looks like a two and a half hour advertisement of Hrithik Roshan sponsored by tourism departments of several countries. Hrithik’s starry attitude and Katrina’s lifeless screen presence, is what the film is mainly made up of. In a couple of scenes, the song ‘I am a bad boy’ plays on the background to give Hrithik a ‘cool dude’ image; how juvenile is that?

Every possible vehicle available on earth has been used in the action sequences, which looks good no doubt but doesn’t make any sense most of the times. There is also a lot of running and jumping around because ‘darr ke age jeet hain’, as Hrithik shamelessly promotes Mountain Dew in between the film.

The story is as Bollywood as it gets with unwanted family emotions thrown in between. What really tickled my funny bones is that Hrithik being the busy international thief that he is in the film, dreams to go back to his ‘ghar’ one day and his home in Dehradun is literally named ‘GHAR’.

Knight and Day itself wasn’t a very inspiring movie so you can well imagine how the remake of such a film will turn out to be. The film is grand in scale but zero in substance. If luxury foreign locations and good looking people is your idea of a perfect holiday movie then go for it but don’t expect it to be good.

Final Verdict

You know that there is a problem when Hrithik decides to dance his guts out to mediocre songs and Katrina Kaif actually tries to be funny. Bang Bang is a treat for the eyes but unfortunately it fails to please the other sense organs of the body including the heart and the mind. The best thing about the film is its title song which comes along with the end credits, but for that you don’t need to buy a ticket. You can easily watch it on T.V. or YouTube. Get the hint, stay away.


Migang David Lagachu

A freelance writer and blogger. Passed out from Tezpur University and presently serving Creativica as an author.

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