[Poem] Bombay | Madhusmita Paul Mazumder


Bombay – Thy presence is a mirror to my dreams,

To visit thee, my heart screams!

Being one with thee, was all I needed,

Delays galore, by and by I succeeded.

Thy first sight came in a flourish,

Thy undying spirit is something I cherish.

The breeze from the sea, the buildings tall,

The presence of a special person was my pivotal call.

I cherished thy grandeur and spent days four,

I met my Angel Di, endearment inside my deepest core.

Days spent with thy bustle, holds a special meaning to me,

My heart belongs to thy waves, robust with glee.

Thy glitter and glory, Oh it gleams!

Bombay – Thy presence is a mirror to my dreams.


  Madhusmita Paul Mazumder is a BA Pol. Science major in B. Borooah College, Guwahati. She held a lifelong dream of visiting Bombay/Mumbai, and meeting her friend, guide and favourite actress Dimple Jhangiani, whom she affectionately calls Angel Di. Her dream came true and this poem is an ode to her first visit to the city of her dreams.


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