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SEO Myth-buster - The Do's and Don'ts of SEO

SEO Myth-buster – The Do’s and Don’ts of SEO

Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO is the key to success for any commercial website. Everyone who owns commercial website, dreams of getting lots of visitors for their site. But, if your website can’t impress popular Search Engines then...

10 Great Books on Photography

10 Great Books on Photography

Are you a passionate photographer and want to read some great books on photography? There are many photographers whose words are as inspiring as the photos they click. Here I have listed 10 of the best books about photography that...

Photoshop vs GIMP

Photoshop vs GIMP

Image editing software is a must have tool for every web designer. Without attractive images it’s nearly impossible to draw a wow impression to your website. Photoshop and GIMP being the most popular image editing software of the industry, both...

10 Most Inspiring Photographic Quotes

10 Most Inspiring Photographic Quotes

Do you love photography? Do quotes inspire you? Then turn to the words of these 10 legends and masters of photography. Apart from the photographs they captured, you can learn a lot from their thoughts and that can inspire your...


10 Inspiring Photography Website for Beginners

The internet has many insightful and inspirational works on photography. While some beautifully designed website encourages creativity, there are others which offer tutorials on how to become a better photographer. Here I present 10 of the best photography websites you...

Songs Dance and Bollywood

Songs, Dance and Bollywood

The song and dance routine has been at the core of bollywood films since time immemorial. There are quite a few examples of films that rode high on success only because of their immensely popular music. It’s difficult to recall...