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10 HTML Historical Facts you should know

10 HTML Historical Facts you should know

It is almost 21 years since the first initial release of HTML. And since then, the development of HTML has gone on, steady, and seemingly unstoppable. The latest initial release of HTML which we call HTML5 has opened up huge...


[Story] August | Daya Bhat

Crimson horse faces and rabbit ears were floating in the rare August sky and I wondered why it wasn’t raining cats and dogs instead, at least, as a saving grace, there had to be traces of grey. As I watched,...


[Poem] Silence

Silence is poetry written by air on the mind – Breathing sense to the soul; To accord oranges in an oculus, And grant vision to the blind. Eternal rumblings of the soothsayer – Saying you should capture the seconds; The...

My Son will be an Engineer

[Story] My Son will be an Engineer

“So you could not get into Civil or Mechanical branches?” the man asked. I stared at the man for a long moment, barely able to control my temper. This was getting too much for me. Why on Earth would I...

A Day and a Dream

[Story] A Day and a Dream

They speak of reality and they speak of dreams. Then they speak of a journey from dream to reality. They also then tell us, the experience of that journey is what counts – I beg to disagree. Of course I...

Mrs. Mehta's Son Gattu

[Story] Mrs. Mehta’s Son Gattu

Son – Dad, How do you define what’s right and what isn’t? Father – Anything that harms the collective good of living beings is not right. Son – What if the collective good of a few clashes with the collective...