Crash Match – A match two casual puzzle themed around Kaziranga

Crash Match

Fofatt is an indie game studio start-up based out of Duliajan, Assam, (India) working on its first casual game – Crash Match. Crash Match is a free to play puzzle-matching game with unique gameplay concept themed around Kaziranga. The testing version of the game is available at

Our primary target audiences are from India and overseas, by choosing Kaziranga as the theme we are attempting to expose the beauty and heritage of the national park. Besides, as the player plays on behalf of the little one-horned rhino to save the jungle family, we hope it will psychologically influence the players spreading awareness of some great causes like saving wildlife and protecting the one-horned rhino.

About the game – Crash Match

Crash Match is a browser-based social freemium game where a player gains points and rewards by matching the cars of the same type.

The play area is the highway passing through Kaziranga and the mascot of the game is Sukaphaa, a little one-horned rhino. The characters of the game are a few cars and Sukaphaa. The cars are a nuisance, they are bullies who fight and try to overtake each other by speeding on the highway. They represent the ill, odds and inhuman activities such as poaching, cruelty against animals etc. that are prevailing. The little rhino feels that it is his responsibility to protect his animal kingdom and keep those ludicrous cars at bay.

Fofatt is also planning to organize all time live Crash Match tournaments at; players will be able to compete from anywhere, anytime and the winner will be rewarded with exciting gifts like t-shirts, cash etc.

Crash Match social links

Twitter: @CrashMatch

About the studio – Fofatt

Fofatt is a creator of exciting games, games that enthrall you. We develop games with a motive to captivate our audience and provide a kick that only a good game can. Our primary objective is to give the gamers the best user experience with our high-quality engaging games. That’s right; we intend to make you ride your adrenaline!

Based out of Duliajan, India, Fofatt was founded in May 2014 with a mission to provide best interactive entertainment to add more cheers to people’s lives. Our logo is a pair of Chashma (Specs), inviting you to look at the world through it in a lighter way. We are a very young startup, with small team sharing a common passion for gaming.

Fofatt social links

Twitter: @fofattgames


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