Exclusive Pictures of Local Kung Fu Shooting

Local Kung Fu rocked the household of every Assamese and others apart with its wild hard family comedy. Though the film couldn’t rack much at the Box Office (due to indifference towards regional movies), it soon got leaked under piracy. But, it did serve as a boon. As the pirated version of the movie was being exchanged from hand to hand, the film soon rose to fame amongst youngsters and their parents apart. But, then it was already out of the cinema halls to make way for Besharaam. But, this really questioned the mindset of the people, who book tickets in advance for any commercial film and yet hesitate to experiment a mere 2 hours and a light 100 bucks on a regional film. For, this not only would help the film crew to bring more improvised productions in the future, but also help to boost the talent of this zone in the national level (if not international). Now, as we watch Bengali movies like Hemlock Society and Bhooter Bhabisaat and movie channels are dedicating half a day to Southern action movies, we can also savor to the thought of Assamese movies being exchanged over portable hard disks in hostels and broadcasted in national channels. The new wave of regional cinemas are getting better and better. We have seen a parade of Jahnu Barua and Munin Barua epics. But even the new line of directors are also promising. Rajni Basumatary (Raag), Kankan Rajkhowa (Shinyor) and Jadumani Dutta (Paani) are also recieving big laurels in the national platform. So, it is my personal appeal to every reader to do take out a little time from your busy schedule and buy a ticket to the next regional film. I can’t promise you that it will blow your brains out, but then, even Chennai Express wasn’t much of a good decision, right? Who knows! So, come on! Support your regional films! And yes, you are right! With a misleading title, I did fool you into reading this article about the plight of regional films on the eve of April Fool’s Day, but now I won’t make you wait. Here goes five exclusive pictures taken during the shooting of Local Kung Fu. 1. The first picture shows Montu Da (Tony Deori Basumatary) gasping in happiness with Sumi (Sangeeta Nair) in the pillion ride. And did you know, that in real life they are a happy married couple? HAHA!

Montu Da (Tony Deori Basumatary) gasping in happiness with Sumi (Sangeeta Nair)

Montu Da (Tony Deori Basumatary) gasping in happiness with Sumi (Sangeeta Nair)

2. , 3. and 4. In the other four pictures, we see the actors taking a refreshing break (taking a break from martial arts and again playing cricket is refreshing?) from acting to play some cricket. These pictures are from the last scene, where Charlie finally manages to do a ‘Karate Kid’ on Dulu Da (Utkal Hazowari) and Tansen (Bibhash Sinha). It is noteworthy that the last scene has been taken over a course of 21 evenings. Utkal would come from work, take a light lunch and start whamming action punches!

Well then, that’s the spirit right? Have fun!


Spondan Bora

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