Guwahati based rapper ‘A-Homicide’ made his debut rap single ‘Hate Me’

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Rap is a genre which is quite dark in the music scenario of Assam as compared to other western genres such as Rock and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) which are trending quite fast. But there is certainly a unity among existing independent rap artists who create music from time to time. One of them, Angshuman Hazarika with the stage name ‘A-Homicide’ released his debut rap single late last year called ‘Hate Me’ which will be a part of his upcoming EP. The lyrics reflect the resentment that his family members and teachers felt towards and how it felt to grow up as a misunderstood kid. He speaks about how he spiritually takes control over them.

Rap is all about speaking word poetry that is performed in time to a beat. Thus, he uses poetic devices such as rhymes, metaphors, alliteration, similes, arts and literary elements of rap such as punch lines, hyperbole and multi-syllable rhymes in his lyrics. It almost goes without saying, given the mood of the song, that there is some use of slang. Informal street slang is a part of Hip-Hop which shapes up the genre accordingly.


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