Guwahati boy Santanu Hazarika nails Redbull Doodle Art contest at Cape Town

Santanu with the award
Santanu with the award

While the nation is busy in NaMo’s Swaach Bharat Abhiyaan and clicking selfies at the ISL matches, creativity from the region was making a mark on the world. Santanu Kaushik Hazarika, who was selected from India to represent the country in the Red Bull Doodle Art competition held at Cape Town, not only wowed the jury, the contestants and the Proteas, but also managed to snatch the golden title amidst 28 contestants from around the world with ease. He was judged on the very entry he entered the competition with and which he shared with Creativica on his interview last month. When asked to describe his feeling on the results, Santanu says,” Like I mentioned in your interview, the whole thing was a surreal experience for me. Contentment and confidence were at its peak. For a moment I went completely numb…blank”.

He was rewarded with a fabulous trophy which was a crafted imitation of the Table Top Mountain – one of the official Seven Wonders of Nature. The Guwahati lad has also been awarded a corporation deal with Redbull in the form of an internship, in which he will be working with their designers to create T-shirts for a Redbull online store to be launched next year.

Talking about the future scope, he says, “I have a gut feeling that this push will take me really far. Apart from the prize which is an internship with Redbull, I also got a chance to work with Ranjan Da for Metropolis ASIA 2015, which is great for me, as I got to meet a lot of creative minds from all across the world and be a part of something big. As an artist all I want to do is connect to people and this opportunity has given me a wider audience, and I can only hope for a positive outcome.”

On 26th of November, Santanu was invited to meet the Chief Minister of Assam, Shri Tarun Gogoi, at the latter’s residence at Koinadhora. The duo had an interactive session where the Chief Minister not only congratulated Santanu but also showed a keen interest in his art, studies and future plans. When asked a shrewd question about the role of engineering in his life, Santanu said, “It was especially Engineering Drawing that helped me to improvise my speed and accuracy and at the same time work on symmetry.”

Now back in Guwahati, Shantanu has launched his own online shopping site Dilate Ink where one can choose from a wide range of apparels and artworks (to be included soon). Each design will reflect a character and are custom designed by none other than the creative bulb himself.


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