Have fun while developing your English vocabulary

Have fun while developing your English vocabulary

They say “English is a very funny language.” True it is, but to tell the truth, it is not as tough as it seems. And learning it can be a matter of fun at times. I have worked on some easy steps towards developing your English vocabulary.

These might not seem very useful but trust me; these options can help you upgrade your vocabulary!

  1. Consider a long meaningful word, suppose AEROPLANE. Now frame more words from it, of any number of letters, say: plan, lane, pane, rope, and so on. It can be played as a game between a number of participants and the one who frames the most number of words in a given time span will be the winner. While framing words, participants might wonder if a particular combination of words mean something, and have a look in the dictionary if it really means something. This will help the participant to increase his/her vocabulary. Plus, its a really interesting game! (Psst….and once I even got addicted to it! )
  2. Consider a two or three letter word which carries one or more vowels and which might mean something or nothing, say: an, in, on, ine, one, etc.  Suppose we consider “im”. Now frame more words by adding one or more alphabet before “an”, say: rim, trim, prim, dim, etc. Again, one might wonder if adding particular alphabet(s) can make a meaningful word. While checking the dictionary, more words will be learnt and understood.
  3. Ever heard of the board game called “PICTIONARY” or “SCRABBLE”? Buy them! While “Pictionary” is a word guessing game that involves making pictures and thus also develops drawing, observation and guessing skills, “Scrabble” is called the grandfather of all word games and involves making words of specific number and range of alphabets. There are more board games which can help one work on vocabulary skills , and some of these are “Boggles” , “Apples to Apples” , “Typo” , “Buyword” , “Pass the Bomb” , “Upwords” , etc. Get as many as possible!
  4. Crosswords! Try working on crosswords available daily in almost every newspaper of the world. They are intense, and can work wonders for you! Plus they are great for developing general knowledge too!
  5. Online games are in vogue. And word games are IN, too! There are a range of word game that you must try! “Word Ruffle”, “Fast Typer” , “Wordstone” and “Find Words” are some popular word games available online.
  6. Talk in English at times. Or use English words in between whatever language you otherwise talk in. Practise this specially with your friends.
  7. Read books, magazines and comics. And don’t restrict yourself to particular genres. Varied genres use varied words and will also upgrade your information on various topics. Reading conversation-style stuff can be more interesting and develop your conversation skills.
  8. Watch English movies, serials and other TV shows. Concentrate on the accents too. But don’t try to develop one. Fake accents can sound ridiculous! Work on pronunciations.
  9. Don’t avoid advertisements. They can also help you develop your vocabulary.
  10. Lastly, do not ever be shy or conscious when you are speaking in English. It’s okay if you make mistakes. Talk in a smart and confident manner. Just concentrate on getting your message through. If you hesitate, you will never learn. The more mistakes you make and the more you try to correct them, the more you will learn.


Ruptrishna Nath

Student of media technologies, hobbyist photographer and writer. Sub-editor of Creativica (Your place will always be reserved on Creativica forever. R.I.P.).

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