How to make a spider web using Adobe Illustrator Transform Effect

spider web
spider web

Adobe Illustrator is full of amazing features. The more you dig into it the more you can explore and realize that the possibilities of Adobe Illustrator are almost endless.

Today, I’ll show you how to use the Transform effect and create a spider web within minutes by just following a few steps. Trust me; it won’t take much time to understand. So let’s start –

Step 1

Open Adobe Illustrator (I used AI CS5 in this tutorial) and create a new file. Well, isn’t it easy enough? Let’s go to our next step.

Step 2

Create a closed path using Pen Tool as shown below. Don’t use any Fill Color.


Step 3

Now select your newly created path and go to Effect > Distort & Transform > Transform and click on Transform


After clicking on Transform, you will see the dialogue-box bellow. Now this is the most interesting part of this tutorial. We’ll manipulate some values from this dialogue-box to give the path a spider web effect.


Step 4

From the Scale section, we will decrease the Horizontal value to 80 and in the same way, we will also decrease the Vertical value to 80. Now increase the Copies up to 10 and click on the Preview checkbox.


After clicking on the Preview checkbox, you should see your path as something like the picture bellow –


Looks nice! Now click on OK on the Transform dialogue-box and let’s move to our next step.

Step 5

We are almost about to finish our tutorial. In this step, we will create the long straight threads of the spider web. To do this, pick up the Pen Tool from toolbar and draw 6 open paths as shown below –


Oh! Isn’t it looking like the spider web from your store room or garage?

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you’re still confused with any of the steps, don’t hesitate to ask me. I’ll be happy to help you. Good luck!


Nilotpal Singha

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