India’s Daughter – A Review

India's Daughter - A Review

India’s Daughter, the title itself represents the ensemble of Women who have been on the midst of a vicious circle of ruthless social stigmas and commotion and questioning each one of us their stature of stand and identity. A shiver ran down my spine when I watched India’s Daughter.  A documentary on the brutal gang rape of a young physiotherapist, Jyoti Singh Pandey on 16th December 2012 in South Delhi and whole world protests that followed a demand to end violence against women and gender inequality. The documentary made me mull over on the judicial system of Indian Government being cooked and crumbled away.  The release of the documentary was first scheduled on 8th of March on account of International Women’s Day all around the world. However, the film was broadcasted on YouTube on 4th March 2015 and soon went viral encircling controversies, the war of words and argumentations on Social Media. But soon after, Indian Government banned the broadcasting of the video because of the excerpts “appear to encourage and incite violence against women.” India’s Daughter directed by Leslee Udwin is a British Filmmaker and the film is a part of the BBC’s ongoing Storyville series. She made us think twice why the rape incidents have been occurring often and the line of thinking and introspection of every Indian man especially those of rural areas craving for hunger. She explores the insight view of the crime and came out with an analytical objective and panoramic approach. The frightful journey of Jyoti’s battle for death has been beautifully captured on motion frames. The documentary starts with a bus giving the lift to a boy and a girl who had enjoyed their evening by watching ‘Life of Pi’ together. But her happiness doesn’t seem to last long when her soul was being into peril. It sent shockwaves and triggered a national spark among the voices of people all around the world following the incident.The film shows interviews of series of characters starting with the victim’s parents, a close friend of her, defence Lawyers for the rapist, one of the convicted men, Mukesh Singh who is waiting for death sentence, another rapist’s young wife and the parents of two more of the culprits. The comments and remarks made especially by the rapist and the two Defence lawyers are offensive and bitter. Mukesh seems to have no repentance and fear on his face. He is not guilty for what they did to that innocent girl and for him; sexual violence is a normal offence to their society as like fun and frolic game. I also feel overshadowed to hear the lawyer’s comments being so narrow-minded and biased opinions towards women. For them, she has no identity of her own. How could they hold a noble profession of law? They have been continually blaming the victim, her upbringing, her dignity and her stature. She delineates the idea and perspective of understanding behind every common man of India in front of the whole world through the interviews. The female activist, Justice Leila Seth seems to be very much supportive to the victim’s struggle. For her, Education is the only solution to combat violence against women. She speaks of gender inequality and violence against women in India. Jyoti’s parents have been helpful throughout the making of the film. Their words, their expression of views exudes positivity towards the modernity outlook of the society. Their enduring love and care for daughter right from the day of the heinous crime to her soul’s departure from life is something to be beholding of considering her daughter an equal status and dignity with that of boys. Much Agreeing to Jyoti’s father statements as she is being upholding a symbol of a light in their lives has not only lit a torch for the country but, for the whole world with a question of women’s identity, status and dignity in a male-dominated society.

India's Daughter - A Review

India’s Daughter enlighten the high need of values, morality and view of women as an able citizen of the world exploring the status of Indian women in the past presenting the lives of Indian female mythological figures like Shakuntala, Sita, Saraswati and tries to analyse where today’s women stand in the Indian society. Leslee tried to bring out the need of change in gender attitude and the moral ethics of every citizen of this world to have a broader perspective of rationalism in a very prudent manner.  Women must be given their highest prominence which gives them more strength and courage to stand up with equal stature and power with that of their male counterparts. The government should also come forward for women empowerment and implement quick measures in combating the frequent rape incidents as well as any violence against women.

I request each and every citizen of India to watch the documentary and to bring an optimistic outlook and a change in the mindset towards the era of women. The director who spent two years of her life urge us to change our attitudes towards women and one must fight for one’s rights especially women for her dignity and honour. India’s Daughter will surely empathize to the true genuinely of oneself instilled with hue and cry of everyone’s emotions.


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