Indie Film Fest by Students

Indie film fest by students
Indie film fest by students

Just when commercial cinema in India is obsessed with the “Crore-club”, a group of first year post graduate students of the Department of Film Studies, Jadavpur University have come up with an idea- Independent Frames 2014. “Independent cinema has acquired new meaning today as it has also been imbibed within the larger framework of the mainstream industry. However, our purpose is to identify filmmakers/artists who are relentlessly making films, not under the umbrella of any ‘mainstream studio system’, but are working outside that framework”, states the concept sketch of the festival.

The emphasis is on the practice of independent filmmaking as opposed to the commercial structure in which films operate. The film festival is not necessarily just focussed on looking at a different kind of cinema but also at a kind of filming practice that shifts from the dominant mainstream production set up and schemes.

Independent Frames recognizes films that are self financed or are made through money collected as donation. It will provide a platform to those undervalued filmmakers who have invested their sweat and soul into the making of the film that truly articulates new ideas and themes and raises questions relating to myriad socio-political issues. “Our main objective is to locate people making films with limited resources to trace the state of independent films happening in the country and aim to create an atmosphere of interaction and exchange of ideas pertaining to new cinematic practices.”, enounces the Independent Frames team in their outline of the film festival.

This is an independent initiative by this group of students and not in association with the university or any other organization.

Independent Frames 2014 would contain three main categories:

  1. Short Films
  2. Feature Films
  3. Non-fiction/Documentary.

For the first two categories (Short films and Feature films), the criteria for selection would be films that:

  • Deal with new ideas and themes,
  • Reflect upon important issues plaguing our society and importantly,
  • The way in which a particular filmmaker has expressed these ideas, the techniques employed to tell a story and whether they offer any new aesthetic value in the field of cinema.

Hence, primacy would be given to both form and content of the cinematic medium. The third category, (Non-Fiction/Documentary), comes with a definite theme: Violence. Violence would encompass an array of issues like gender violence, domestic violence, military atrocities occurring in conflicted areas, like Kashmir and the North-East. The corporate-state nexus that has led to the displacement and eviction of many tribal communities in various regions and the plight of marginalised communities and minorities being targeted is one such example.  It is a humble effort of the team to expose ourselves and the audience to the people’s ongoing struggle and the ‘truth’ that lies at the crux of these issues, which has been falsified and masked by various institutions and individuals for vested interests.

It is to be noted that any films made under the aegis and funding of any media and film schools shall not be accepted. However, films independently produced by any student would be accepted. The last date of submission of films has been fixed at 12th April, 2014. The festival would be held at Vivekananda Hall in the premises of Jadavpur University from 28th April to 30th April, 2014.

To learn about the procedure to send the films, interested readers may click on the link below:

Procedure to Send the Films

There are two ways through which you can send us the copy of your films.  You can dispatch the DVD copies via speed post to the two addresses given below.

Address 1:

Bitan Basu
337, Parnasree Pally,
Sun Apartment, 3rd Floor,
Near Mother Dairy Booth,
Kolkata- 700060 .
Mobile: +919836589244

Address 2:

Abu Sohel Khondekar
22, Dedar Bux Lane,
4th Floor, Near Taltala Police Station,
P.O- Park Street, Kolkata- 700016
Mobile:  +919831276725

If you have a Google account, you can upload the film on Google drive and share the link with us on the following email address:

For any further information or clarification please write to or contact:

Dinesh (Mob- 09674 598 078), Bitan (Mob- 09836 589 244), Sohel (09831 276 725)
Email id:
Format required: AVI, MP4, MKV

PS: Please note that all films sent to the event shall not be screened. Films that suit the above mentioned criteria shall be chosen by the panel of students.


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