Jyotishman Kashyap – a new sensation of our Assamese film industry

Jyotishman Kashayap
Jyotishman Kashayap

Jyotishman Kashyap is a new sensation of our Assamese film industry. He is a good actor with versatility in his acting and role playing. Currently he is pursuing his M. A. in Mass Communication while simultaneously showcasing his talent over many new and upcoming Assamese films and serials. He is also a good anchor and has anchored in many live stage programs and reality shows.

Hello Jyotishman Kashyap. Welcome to Creativica!

Thank you so much for this warm welcome and respect. I’m a regular follower of Creativica and I browse through this e-magazine whenever I get time.

Jyotishman – a new and fresh face in the industry. Tell us about your journey so far.

I started my journey through the Anuraag Tumar Babe which was directed by Simple Gogoi. It was a mega serial in Rang channel; however, I also played different roles on the stage as a hobbyist artist during my school and college days. I also had the opportunity to work with MSR Group in Assam and other regions of the country. Presently, I’m working in a mega serial named Abhijaan which will be telecasted in channel Rengoni.

During your journey so far, have you realized that our Assamese films are really playing a major role to contribute our Assamese film industry?

Well, it is very sad but I admit the truth. There are very few people in this industry who actually try to promote and save our Assamese film industry. I feel that there is lack of enthusiasm compared to the old times. However, there are some people who are really trying their level best to promote our Assamese films. We also need a strong mutual understanding between film distributors and film producers to make a good Assamese movie commercially successful. I’m also concerned about the fact that there are many artists from our North East or Assam who have achieved national level reorganization for their efforts in the regional films. The time is changing but very slowly.

After experiencing many things in this industry, do you think you’ve got the platform and your desired roles?

(Laughs) Yes, I did find my platform. I get many offers for various roles, and being an actor one must have to do various kinds of role, and I’m very happy to work here and hope that in the coming days our industry will emerge more.

How organized this industry is?

In Assam, there is a lack of professionalism, lack of technical skill and co-ordination, and I’m sure your readers will agree with me. Our industry is way behind years comparing to the other regional film industries and I can only hope that our industry will also grow soon as every artist desires how it should be.

Who have inspired you most in this industry?

(Giggles) Well, don’t ask me that question, because if I miss anyone’s name, it will be an offence (Laughs). Anyways, if you insist then I’ll mention the veteran theatre actors Champak Sarma, Pranjal Saikia, Nipan Goswami, director Abdul Majid, Zubeen Garg, and all my co-stars who are equally responsible for my inspiration.

Jyotishman Kashayap with his co-stars

Jyotishman Kashayap with his co-stars

Tell us if you become a director, how will you work out to this whole process?

Well, this is a big question because I’m still a learner, a kid compared to the names I’ve mentioned above (Laughs). But seriously, if so then I would say – entertainment, entertainment and entertainment (Laughs). Because 80 percent of our teenagers love to go to multiplexes and love movies which are thought provoking and entertainment based, so I will work and proceed by keeping that in my mind.

Tell us about your upcoming movies.

A film Haath Nombor’or Shondhanot directed by Abdul Majid, Rajesh Bhuyan’s Doordarshan and Dhiraj Kashyap’s Luko Bandhu. That’s all for this year.

Tell us about your dreams that you wish to achieve.

(Laugh) Ya, there is nothing wrong to have dreams, but seriously, I feel that one should have dreams that can affect the society positively. I came to this industry taking a dream that one day I will be able to play versatile roles and be a versatile actor. I am a big fan of Tapan Das who is also a versatile actor in our industry, he played many different types of role and he is one of my inspirations.

Thank you Jyotishman ! Creativica wishes you all the best!

My pleasure and thanks for having me here.


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