Meghnanimous – A powerhouse of “Zenscrawl”

My position in this website requires me to scan social platforms in search of budding creativity and I decided to join Instagram hoping it would help me in the same. And the first artist that caught my attention was Meghna Menon from Pune, who runs an account by the name of Meghnanimous. Her work is what she has termed as “Zenscrawl” – a combination of Doodle art and Zentangle. Doodle as we all know thanks to Santanu Hazarika and Zentangle is a rather relaxing way of drawing beautiful images with structured patterns.

Meghna is a professional Marketer and uses her leisure time to indulge in her hobby. This obsession with sketching which began back in her schooldays has now also helped her attract customers who often demand custom made lamps, guitars to even grill doors! Meghna usually takes about an hour to finish a concept though mostly her words are unplanned owing to the definition of her artform. When asked if she plans to visit Northeast India someday, she says, “Would love it…I’ve heard so much about the Northeast and it’s beauty… Maybe someday with a pen and paper amidst the plantations…”

You can find her on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Below is her personal favourite piece – The Free Bird, which is a cross between a phoenix and a peacock which stands for freedom, grace, beauty and rising above.

The Free Bird

The Free Bird

Here are some of her beautiful artworks –


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