Movie Review – Alone

Movie Review - Alone
Movie Review - Alone

Right in the beginning just before the credits start rolling my eyes catches a glimpse of one of the creative partners of the film, ‘BrainOnRent’. Little did I know that once I am done watching the film, it will be the perfect phrase to describe my experience.

15 minutes into the movie, you realize that there is hardly anything to be scared of. It almost became a kind of joke inside the theatre that every time Bipasha Basu goes to sleep at night something bad is going to happen. Even if we try to evaluate the movie as thriller cum horror caper, strictly in that order, what we get is a boring storyline devoid of any logic and anticipation.

We have all at some point asked this question to ourselves, ‘Why does Bipasha gets offered so many horror films?’ Well, she can look devastatingly sexy on screen, she has no problem showing off her well curved out figure, also she doesn’t shy away from kissing her co stars, but boy can she scream. Bipasha has done so many of them in the last couple of years that she must hardly feel inspired anymore, which is quite evident from her performance. Even worse, there’s two Bipasha in the film.

TV star Karan Singh Grover makes a privileged debut. He joins the group of half a dozen actors who have kissed Bipasha in their debut films. He has the acting chops to go along with his Greek god physique but there was hardly any scope for him in the film.

In a recent interview Bipasha said that the film will deliver whatever promises its team has made, which is true because the film exactly delivers what it promised, nothing more. Even a 5 year old could have guesses the story of the film by watching the trailers. Despite all the odds the film has a solid climax and an equally laughable ending.

Final Verdict

The last time Bipasha Basu came back as a spirit to help someone, her film met with a tragic fate. The film was Aatma in 2013. Looks like history is going to repeat itself after all.



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