Movie Review: Badlapur


Badlapur demands serious movie viewing. So you must not take the warning ‘Don’t miss the beginning’ lightly. The film deconstructs the idea of revenge by posing questions like, ‘Is revenge worth it?’ and ‘What next, after revenge?’.

Despite the countless number of revenge dramas that Bollywood has produced, Badlapur stands out because it doesn’t take any sides. The victim as well as the culprit is treated as human; that mistakes can happen by anyone and everybody deserves a second chance, but not everyone gets it.

Director Sriram Raghavan skillfully creates a wonderful array of characters having their own unique charm and contribution to the narrative. Just the idea of a female detective who scrubs her own floor to stay in shape or a woman ready to sleep with another man to protect her husband, brings a smile to your face. It’s not easy to bring something new into the formula driven revenge genre but Badlapur doesn’t conform to any set standards and thus breaks free of any stereotypes.

This film was supposed to mark Varun Dhawan’s best performance of his career but the film turns out to be so good that his performance doesn’t quite match up. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the anti-hero once again proves why the definition of leading man in Bollywood is fast changing. He completely owns the film and it is more than symbolic that his character turns out to be the bigger person in the end. Vinay Pathak as the sidekick ‘partner in crime’ makes a late entry but makes a lasting impression. Huma Qureshi as the prostitute ‘without a golden heart’ is more than just meets the eye. Yami Gautam as Varun Dhawan’s wife has a tiny bit role but still it’s much better than her last disastrous appearance in Action Jackson. Radhika Apte fully utilizes the chance to showcase her mettle in a significant role.

Final Verdict

Badlapur is a revenge flick minus any melodrama, sappy dialogues, and handled with maturity, logic and patience. Go for it.



Migang David Lagachu

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