Movie Review – Kill Dil

Kill Dil
Kill Dil

Kill Dil is a classic case of ‘promos are better than the film’. It has a very slick look but everything else is as dull as it can get, or even worse. Two abandoned children who rose under the shadow of a raging gangster, naturally become inclined towards crime. Enter a girl in the life of one of them, and everything turns upside down. Sounds familiar?

What could have been a total disaster, somehow manages to become a passable film with the mercy of the talented star cast. Govinda as Bhaiyaji maintains a fine balance between being a cold hearted goon and also transforms into the light-hearted singing and dancing self whenever the situation demands. It is definitely the most challenging role of his career. The chemistry between Ranveer Singh and Ali Zafar is bang on! Parineeti Chopra is a mild disappointment both in terms of her role and her costumes.

Apart from fleeting references to the importance of education, and a superbly conceptualized climax, the film has nothing much to offer. And yes, the music literally kills the film.

Final Verdict

An epic turn off. Avoid this one or rather wait for its television premiere, which will happen any time soon.



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