Movie Review – NH10

movie review of NH10

A young married couple on their way to a vacation villa, reluctantly and partly forced due to circumstances find themselves face to face with a group of people involved in honour killing. What follows next is a roller coaster ride of cat-and-mouse chase, leading to an inevitable ending which can be aptly described with the words, Jo karna tha, so karna tha.

NH10 is so frustratingly real that at times it becomes uncomfortable to watch. It’s a thriller without any stylized action sequences or peppy background scores. Instead you can hear the characters’ heavy breathing and their panic cries.

The film does take a predictable turn post the climax but you cannot take away the credit from director Navdeep Singh who doesn’t shy away from calling a spade a spade.

Anushka Sharma shines in the bravest role (both as an actor and first time producer) of her career so far. She smokes while she enjoys the sight of the bad guys suffering, and mouths expletives like it’s her second nature. In one scene towards the second half when shouts F*** YOU and starts pelting stones at the goons, one cannot help but think that this is exactly how one’s sister, wife or girlfriend would react if they ever happen to be in the same situation as her character Mira in the film.

The supporting cast which includes Neil Bhoopalam (the husband), Darshan Kumaar (the leader of the gang) and Deepti Naval (the evil matriarch) among many significant others, displays terrific histrionics.

Final Verdict

From a working girl to a damsel in distress to an unforgiving avenger, Anushka Sharma demands and rightfully earns respect through her bravura act. She not only raises the bar for her female contemporaries but also gives a shout out to her male counterparts that an actress is more than just her good looks. I suggest you to take a ride on NH10 and find out where it leads you.



Migang David Lagachu

A freelance writer and blogger. Passed out from Tezpur University and presently serving Creativica as an author.

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