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3 AM
3 AM

Given the standards here in India, 3 A.M. could have been a great horror T.V. show, but as a film it is somewhere below average. It is high on the ‘B-grade romantic novel’ emotion and low on the ‘fear factor’ element. In the name of ‘fear’ there is an old haunted mill whose last owner used to practice ‘kaala jadoo’ and all the action takes place in a ‘amavasya ki kaali raat’. The ‘buri aatma’ of the film eats raw flesh of cats, runs like a wolf and crawls on the wall. If you are not amused yet then there’s something wrong with your sense of ‘humour’. At one point there is a dream cum flashback sequence in the film only to include a song in between the proceedings (as pointed out by someone from the audience). The music killed the essence of the film. Why does one need songs in a horror film anyways?

3 A.M. is neither scary nor is it ‘so bad that it is good’, so it failed both ways. At one point I was more scared about the fact that the couple sitting next to me will start making out any time soon. Well at least someone had a good time.

The Acting Department

Rannvijay Singh is the perfect choice for the role of a horror based reality show host but that is, as long as he is not crying in the name of acting. Debutant Anindita Nayar fails to make any impact. Salil Acharya who gets possessed by the devil, has done a decent job but the most natural actor among the cast is Kavin Dave, who also provides the ‘customary’ comic relief at times.

Final Verdict

The hero, inspired by his (dead) girlfriend takes his entourage of a ‘daring’ and a ‘fattu’ friend to go ghost hunting. I am pretty sure the story of 3 A.M. didn’t sound good even on paper but hats off to the director (Vishal Mahadkar) who managed to ruin it further. The film is bland, uninspiring and definitely not spooky, so as long as it is not your job to watch every film and write about them, avoid this one.


Migang David Lagachu

A freelance writer and blogger. Passed out from Tezpur University and presently serving Creativica as an author.

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