Movie Review: Badlapur

Badlapur demands serious movie viewing. So you must not take the warning ‘Don’t miss the beginning’ lightly. The film deconstructs the idea of revenge by posing questions like, ‘Is revenge worth it?’ and ‘What next, after revenge?’.

My Father Chose the Better

My Father Chose the Better

Deciding to come to the United States to pursue my further studies was not at all a difficult task. My father would never say no to anything I asked of him, when it came to my career. I knew he...


Movie Review: Shamitabh

SHAMITABH is a fitting tribute to the Indian film industry and the pride of position that Amitabh Bachchan’s baritone has in it. One couldn’t agree more with Bachchan when he says, “yeh awaaz ek kutte ke munh se bhi achchi...

Axom – an Assamese typography wallpaper

So here is our first post on Assamese typography wallpaper. Through the design of this wallpaper I’ve primarily tried to show the rich natural beauty of our state as well as northeastern region. Within the blue gradient background, leaves, flowers...

10 free and amazing Stock Photo Resources

10 free and amazing Stock Photo Resources

Photography has dependably been an indispensable piece of web outline. Sadly, we’ve become acclimated to seeing crappy stock pictures of individuals in suits shaking hands. Not just are a ton of these stock photographs cheap, yet some of them cost...

Prag cine award 2015

Prag Cine Awards 2015 to be held in Dibrugarh

To give a boost to the regional cinema, Assam-based Prag Network, a 24×7 satellite station, will be organizing the ‘Prag Cine Awards’ in Dibrugarh, Assam on 21-22 March. The 2014 version of ‘Prag Cine Awards’ was held in Bangalore and...