When The Ice Queens Met

When The Ice Queens Met

It wasn’t the most glamorous event in the world and neither the world media was present there to capture them, but when the two legendary beauties met they created moments which will go down as historic in showbiz archives. One...

Sa Me Sa Me

[Poem] Sa Me Sa Me

It’s a cold morning. Foggy. I don’t know where I am. For reasons unknown, I haven’t worn anything warm. I’m shivering, even more from anticipation. A Wagtail is perched on the branch of a Hibiscus tree.

Rodor Sithi Poster

Rodor Sithi is releasing on 7th November 2014

Rodor Sithi (Scarecrow) is based on a play Ximar Xipare (Beyond the Obvious), written and directed by well known theater director and actor Baharul Islam. This is his second film and he had made his first film Aasene Kunuba Hiyat...

100 Years of Indian Cinema

100 Years of Indian Cinema

Bollywood, the great, grand and ever expanding Indian movie industry is soaring to great heights. Fact is that nowadays, Bollywood has 30% more movie releases than the West. In terms of box office returns, 100 crores isn’t really an astounding...

Top 5 Free Twitter Bootstrap Resources

Top 5 Free Twitter Bootstrap Resources

Twitter Bootstrap is probably the most popular front-end framework for web developers and designers. After the open source release of Twitter Bootstrap in August, 2011, it became the No.1 project on GitHub with 71,000+ stars and 26,000+ forks. The recently...

The Hunger For Murphy

[Poem] The Hunger For Murphy

Does something going wrong make us hungry for more misfortune? Is it the chance for a fight or is it the chance to give it all up? Whatever the hunger is for, it brings us closer to the biggest part...

Bang Bang

Movie Review: Bang Bang

The best possible way to describe ‘Bang Bang’ is that it is illogical. Heavily inspired by films like Dhoom 2, Ek Tha Tiger and of course Knight and Day, Bang Bang looks like a two and a half hour advertisement...