Learn CSS3 Text Shadow in Three Steps

Learn CSS3 Text Shadow in Three Steps

The text-shadow property is an amazing feature of CSS. It was introduced in CSS version 2.0 (i.e. CSS2) but removed from the version 2.1 because none of the browsers added the text-shadow rendering feature into them. Later on, in CSS...

How Independent Are You?

How Independent Are You?

It is the 68th Independence Day of India. Doordarshan TV will broadcast the regular ceremony and many will miss it again (due to sleep). Probably Google will dedicate a Doodle. People have already changed their WhatsApp profile picture. But still...

Keep your chin up the odds, for your antlers are no less than crown

Photography by Manik Sarna

Manik Sarna is a freelance photographer. He did his Graduation in B.sc Multimedia. In 2013, he did a photography internship in Egypt, where he travelled in different cities and wrote a booklet for promotion of tourism in Egypt. Manik Sarna...


[Poem] Kaput

Deep within the realm of uncertainty, Where only nothingness could bring tranquility; I saw the pupils of her eyes. They were expanding-

photoshop batch processing

How to Setup Batch Processing in Photoshop

Batch Processing is really an amazing feature of Photoshop. It is fully an automated process once you set it up properly. Batch processing is actually used on large numbers of files while you need to do a specific kind of...

The Mary Kom

The Magnificent Mary Kom

Last year, while I was in Shillong, I remember watching a procession on the streets of Laitumkhrah; it was for the occasion of Mother Mary feast. There she was – the divine Mother Mary’s figurine being led from one corner...