The Last Picture of Sanity

[Poem] The Last Picture of Sanity | Rohit Roy

The Last Picture of Sanity Oh Winged Wonder, As you take flight, I peer through the window sill, My mind vanishes into this Bright Light, The last picture of sanity, A negative, A giant ball of fire, Even in darkness...

Blessed By the Damned

[Poem] Blessed By the Damned | Rohit Roy

Diabolic a plot so deep, A thousand moons seen, Conspicuous at birth, Yet so sensual at butchery Now at desolation I perceive, The filth I hold, Malus its script deciphered, Antagonized existence eternal, Wretched those smirk, Agonize in pain Forlorn...

B-deshi Poster

Song Release: B-deshi by Axl Hazarika

Art forms are used as a reflection of one’s opinions and feelings. And one of the most popular medium is Music. Music speaks of love, music speaks of sorrow. It expresses vengeance, and it spreads news and views. And then...


Photography by Indranil Gayan

Indranil Gayan is faculty of NIIT at Nagaon. He is passionate about writing, photography, abstract paintings and classical music (specially tabla and flute). Here are few photographs taken by him…


[Poem] Helpless | Anindita Sarma

She kept walking in search of faith, Her hopes are shattered and she was surrounded by hatred. She dreamt of love, she dreamt of happiness, But everything turned into nothingness.