Ranjan Engti (Engticode) – An exlusive interview

Event poster for Metropolis '15
Event poster for Metropolis '15

The name Ranjan Engti (Engticode) is now almost synonymous with the event Metropolis ASIA. He has become a cult hero of sorts for aspiring young creative minds, both in the North East and beyond, organising such vigorous, exciting and ethnic festivals in Assam and bringing the world to the North-eastern region of the country. But this man behind such consequential ideas is a simple, humble and self-effacing person, which is what makes him so fun to talk to. At the outset of the New Year, Ranjan Da talks to Creativica about his love for colours and the much awaited – Metropolis ASIA 2015.

Hello Ranjan Engti! Creativica welcomes you!

Hello and thank you very much!

Ranjan Engti

Ranjan Engti

You and Creativica share a lot in common – thirst for creativity and networking. Tell us how your childhood has influenced your present career choices.

As a child the brush strokes and colours fascinated me more than any other thing and Nature made me happy. Now when I look back it seems as if I am born to play with colours.

People mostly relate you to Metropolis ASIA. But there’s more to you! How would you describe your profession?

METROPOLIS is the name of a painting series I did in 2010-2011. The concept of the entire event started with this series. And now when people relate me to METROPOLIS….That is sheer happiness!! I am a visual artist. That is my profession, or rather you can say, my first love; my life is all about art and colours.

Operation Bluebird judgement that never came

Operation Bluebird judgement that never came

Apart from Metropolis ASIA, you have also worked in other festivals and events. Tell us about them.

I get attracted to events that I can associate with emotionally. Apart from my event METROPOLIS  all the other events that I am associated with like the KARBI  YOUTH  FESTIVAL which is one of the largest ethnic festivals, ZIRO FESTIVAL OF MUSIC , the TIBET FESTIVAL and all the other welfare / issue based campaigns under the Administration that I work with, are very close to my heart.

A moment from Ziro Music Festival 2014

A moment from Ziro Music Festival 2014

How crucial is the cooperation of the State Administration in these welfare projects?

Without the support and co-operation of the State Administration none of the welfare projects would have been possible. Their guidance, their support and their encouragement made us go the right way.

Ranjan with Ashutosh Agnihotri,Honorable Secretary, Tourism , Planning & Development. Gov. of Assam

Ranjan with Ashutosh Agnihotri,Honorable Secretary, Tourism , Planning & Development. Gov. of Assam

You have with yourself a talented and responsible team. Can you tell us about the key members in your team who have helped you in these joyous celebrations?

Indeed. You can call this my destiny to have got such a dynamic and talented team. All of them are equally important. All my events including METROPOLIS ASIA wouldn’t have been possible without the collective effort of my young, vibrant and talented team. Their support makes me strong. They are the ones who motivate me. A mere Thank You doesn’t seem enough to express my gratitude to each and every member of my team for the brilliance, for the hard work and of course for standing by me during tough times.

I have noticed that in the events you organize, disaster is a key issue your team always highlights. I find it very impressive. Please tell us…why Disaster Management amongst other issues?

Disaster Management is an issue in which people lack the adequate and correct knowledge. It is an issue that every individual must know and spread information. Through our campaign we made an effort to spread the awareness.

The promotion of Metropolis ASIA 2015 also saw the involvement of colleges and other institutions..

That is the story all about. Involvement of young minds and young talent. Their creativity, their participation, their story indeed is METROPOLIS!

Metropolis at Guwahati Commerce College

Metropolis at Guwahati Commerce College

Metropolis ASIA 2014 was a big success and was warmly greeted by the people of Guwahati. What is there in store for us in Metropolis ASIA 2015? Can you tell us about the central attractions?

METROPOLIS ASIA 2014 was a dream turned into reality. The warmth, the participation and the love people showered to this event can’t be described in words. My team who put in a brilliant effort made the event a huge success. And the success made us work even harder for this year. We have come up with new ideas, new creativity and a lot of new talent and this time we’re trying to explore beyond boundaries. Besides talent from the region and beyond we’ll also have with us artists and musicians from Russia, Siberia, US, etc. So this year the celebration will be bigger and more colourful. You can log into our website for more info or can follow us on Twitter @metropolis_asia or on Instagram – metropolisasia.

Event poster for Metropolis '15

Event poster for Metropolis ’15

Do you think in the future, Metropolis ASIA can provide a platform for the local youths?

Why future? It is indeed providing a platform for the young minds and talent. The main idea behind METROPOLIS  is the youth. Their identity and their story. Hopefully in the future this will only go beyond boundaries.

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METROPOLIS ASIA is the celebration of your identity. It is the celebration of your urban story. Be a part of the celebration on the 9th, 10th and 11th of January, 2015 at Shraddhanjali Kannan, Guwahati.

Thank you for the time. Creativica wishes you and Metropolis ASIA 2015 best wishes!

Thanks a lot! Shine on Creativica!


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