Releasing Soon: Dhou – The Wave

Dhou the wave

A new Assamese action-romance film titled “Dhou – The Wave” is slated for release very soon. The film has been directed and produced by Lakhinandan Pegu who also plays the role of Raag in the movie. The beautiful actress Nibedita Yein stars as Asi, actor Biki as Dr. Diganta and Hiraonya Das as Raaj in this wonderful film styled along the lines of the films down south.

Well-known action director from the south, Sailen Roy choreographed the action scenes and used the roofing method to present scenes of people and cars soaring up in the air. These exhilarating action filled scenes were shot in a variety of places like Chennai, Hyderabad and Pondicherry. Cinematography was helmed by Biswabhusan Mahapatra and the story was written by Munin Barua. The 5 songs in the film are rendered by Zubeen Garg, Angarag Mahanta, Priyanka Bharali, Zublee and Bornali among others and the songs have been choreographed by Hemen Sarma and B.K Mahapatra.


Abhijit Roy

Student of Film Editing at RGFTI. Co-founder of Creativica.

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