Rendezvous with Rewati Chetri – An Exclusive Interview

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Paving her way into Fbb Femina Miss India 2015 Top 10 Finalist and claiming the sub-titles of Miss Popular and Miss Multimedia, is this beautiful tall girl from Haflong who clearly mesmerizes you with her smile. Rewati Chetri takes out time from her busy schedule and talks to Creativica about her transformed life, her social views and her aspirations.

Hello Rewati! Creativica welcomes you!

Thank you, the pleasure is mine as well.

First of all..a big congratulations to you on your overwhelming feat! How does it feel to have made it this far coming from this small town?

Firstly Thank You! The feeling is honestly inexplicable. I couldn’t even imagine the level of transition that has taken place in my life. There is no better blessing than being able to transform from being a normal girl from a small town to the public’s favourite in a very short period of time. I should not fail to mention that life has become a lot busier indeed but I’m enjoying every bit of it. I am predicting that the days ahead are going to be even busier than what it currently is. From a B.Com graduate LLB student I have become more responsible in my approach and conscious in my commitments. On my arrival, my friends and members of All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU) received me at the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport. Most of the news channels’ TV crew waited for me at the airport to cover my arrival and AAGSU General Headquaters at Gorkha Thakurbari (Nepali Mandir), Paltan Bazar was decorated to welcome me. All the news channels of Assam covered live as I was praying at Nepali Mandir which was my first public appearance. Immediately after that all popular FM stations wanted to take me live in their studios which was periodically done. Even today, after months of Miss India Finale, I frequent TV studios for interviews etc. There are a lot of invitations extended towards me for public appearances in colleges, universities, youth and student organisation event, NGOs, inaugurations of clubs, lounges, fitness gym, wellness centre and corporate invites. Thankfully I am blessed with such a good friend who needs no mention at all and many in the media fraternity of North East know him who by default turned manager for me to help me organise my schedules. Brand endorsement meetings, Goodwill Ambassadors discussions are held at regular interval. All these keep me occupied. Talks for scheduling shooting of Assamese, Nepali and English video albums are on and I regularly update my friends via my Facebook page and Twitter. I must admit that public response has been very motivating and touching.

How did modelling happen to you?

Ever since I was in school, my friends made me realize that I am tall and beautiful and a complete model material. As a kid I used to hear about fairy tales of angels who were graciously beautiful and I used to imagine myself to be an angel as such. My parents tell me that as a little girl I would stand in front of the mirror and visualizes myself as an angel of the fairy tales with crown and stars as headgear. I must say it was my companion’s committed push and my rekindled desire to be an angel that made me enter into the modelling world. Even though I was studying law, modelling was always in my mind and I was waiting for an opportunity to grab. Well it all started in mid November 2014. I first attended the auditions and got selected for former Miss India and Bollywood actor Neha Dupia’s show and the journey continued from here onwards. That is when I actually stepped into the industry of glamour. I cannot say it was sudden but I must say It was not planned, things happened at a quicker pace in a better way. My determination and smart hard work pave the way for the little success I have achieved today.

You are also a Law student. How do you plan to balance your careers in law and modelling?

I am answering you in one word – Time Management. ‘Manage time like you manage money’. Time Management is very important in Life. I know it is going to be quite difficult to balance both with the level of work I’m being offered in the industry of glamour. However, I am also aware how important education is to any individual’s life and therefore I would do the best I can to ensure that I do my studies well too.

If it were upto you, what law would you implement for the equality of Women?

Women in India are legally given equal right but only the mindset of both men and women themselves need to change. There is no law saying ‘only for men not for women’ but yes the approach has not be as desired and as a result we see discrimination of many forms. It needs wide mass awareness; I would volunteer to be carrier of this message through proper channel in proper platform. As such in Assam I am associated with an NGO, Avas Foundation. 

There have been instances where women get raped and the rapists easily escape from being punished. If I were to implement a law I would create severe punishments to these rapists so that they will never even think of engaging in such a brutality ever again. I have serious reservations on juvenile rapists at mercy and I want to change it right away.

Are you dreaming Bollywood?

Bollywood is the dream of every artist in India and I am no exception. If I get offers from the industry, I would definitely consider entering the glamour industry.

Rewati on the ramp

Who would you like to go out on a date with?

I would choose Aatif Aslam. He has such an amazing voice that mesmerizes me totally. I would just ask him to sing for me during the entire date (laughs).

What qualities should the man of your dreams possess?

He should love me unconditionally like a mother, protect me extremely like a father, care for me gently like a sibling and trust me totally like a friend.

In the world of glamour, what are the important qualities one should possess apart from good looks?

I believe the most important qualities are dedication, intelligence and professionalism.

Dedication is required because it really is not easy to remain in the industry unless you put your heart and soul into what you do. The industry is extremely competitive.

Intelligence counts in order to make proper choices from the offers received, as they present a tough choice. One bad choice can ruin your entire career and also intelligence is needed to prevent from being misused. And without being professional, you are nowhere in any industry.

Where do you see North East in the field of glamour in the coming 10 years?

North East is growing in gradually in the field of glamour and I’m pretty sure that with this level of growth we would be equivalent to the big states of India. However we need more people with great level of skills and interest to enter the industry. Skill and grooming industry should be given higher importance, professionalism in glamour industry should given high preference for the industry to grow and sustain with reasonable counts.

My opinion is that achievements are not measured by region, community or language but the people make it so happen, many a times media makes it. In my case Haflong Girl, North East Daughter, Axom Xontaan (Assam’s Daughter), Gorkha Girl etc reflects people support emotional and regional sentiments. It is indeed reflection of their love for the same. To name a few from Assam, Victoria Secrets famed model Monikongona Dutta, Model turned Bollywood actor Dipannita Sharma, Himakshi Agarwal, Sukalpa Das, Jantee Hazarika had made it to Miss India but because of the growing and accessible new age media technology like social media, Facebook, Twitter WhatsApp, WeChat etc. I could gather more support and my predecessors will be in equal lime light. When your dream becomes really big, the region you belong to or the language you speak cannot be a barrier. North East has lot to offer to the glamour industry and in ten years time down the line, we will see remarkable growth if we stick to ‘Fabric to Fashion’ and Practice Professionalism in right earnest.

Are you a foodie or a dieting freak?

My friends say I am good cook but I know I’m a foodie big time. It’s really difficult to avoid the dishes I love but I try to be disciplined in what I consume. Fortunately I can gobble any amount of food and still remain slim. (laughs).

Your inspirations…

My inspiration in life is my mother. She not only has taught me how exactly to live but lived by example. She is truly the epitome of a ‘woman of substance’.

In terms of the industry, my inspiration has always been Aishwarya Rai for she has proved excellence in whatever she embarked on.

Rewati Chetri (in yellow) with her family

Rewati Chetri (in yellow) with her family

Message to your fans, our readers and aspiring models.

It may sound like formality but I must take this opportunity to thank all my fans from the bottom of my heart for all the support they have given me. Without each of you I definitely would not have reached this far for which I am forever grateful. Please be with me in my future endeavours as well. I would definitely make you all more proud through my activities.

To all the aspiring models I would like to say if you can dream it you can definitely make it too. Work hard, be genuine and dream big. The doors of opportunities are always open. Modelling is not easy as it looks but if you have the dedication and commitment you definitely can make it happen.

I strongly believe that each of us is here for a purpose. Even if we are not good at everything, each of us is definitely good at something. Discover what your talents are and pour your heart and soul into developing it and definitely each of us can go a long way in our respective fields.

One last question – “Aapki sundarta ka raaz?”

Thank you for the compliments. Being natural and leading a discipline life.

What are your current projects?

Currently, I’m debuting as an actor under banner of Dream House Production in the album ‘Tumi Mur’ sung by Suresh Shama and music composed by Bulbul and Rosty, directed by famous choreographer of the region Deepak Dey.  It was indeed a big learning experience shooting for my maiden music video. I am very excited about it. Director and the entire unit appreciated my acting skills and now I leave it on my fans to leave comment for scope of improvement and encouragement. Here I am sharing the YouTube promo link for the readers. The romantic music video of youthful exuberance and emotions was shot in various locations of North East.

Thank you Rewati! Creativica wishes you all the best!

 Thank you so much. My greetings and thanks to the readers of Creativica.


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