Review on ‘Tamasha’ directed by Imtiaz Ali


I first thought ‘Tamasha’ would be the same love romance saga film having nothing particular to watch. Though the same cliché plot, but director Imtiaz Ali always astounds us with weighty and compelling narrative which is much of character oriented. The same goes for ‘Tamasha’. The title itself hinted a sort of commotion in one’s life. Largely, the movie is the love saga of a storyteller who falls in love with a girl who helps him to vanquish his inner conflict redeeming his lost self. Fight for your desire you wish to do, no matter how it fares, always follow your heart the overcoming the barricades of obstacles in front of you. Ranbir Kapoor as ‘Ved’ wanted to be a storyteller, but eventually ends up being a product manager in an MNC. ‘Tara’ played by acts a cocoon for making him believe on his dream and surpassing his inner ego. Imtiaz’s productive vision has impelled ‘Tamasha’ to unveil the fine line of the disparity between dreams and reality.

Ranbir and Deepika proved to be the major USP of the film. Their chemistry has catapulted the film to a certain pinnacle of a realism horizon. Ranbir as ‘Ved’ is an epitome of madness, anguish and bemuse. The gem from the mega clan of Indian Film Industry has taken Kapoor’s stature to stardom. Ranbir has lived the character of Ved. He has enacted the role with so much of ease without having any flaws varying the various traits. He had completely gone into his character profoundly which helped him to bring out the actor within himself. Whereas on the other hand, Deepika’s performance proved to be one of the top notches of her career. She as Tara was a great catalyst to arouse Ved’s inner ego to reality. Though her role was bit small, but with the intensity and warmth she had portrayed for the character is remarkable. Her looks compelled me to fall for her. It was a delight to watch her on screen. Piyush Mishra as the old storyteller was a good support in the film. Both the actor par excellence has actually turned the film to be a visceral experience rather than star-gazing at two outrageously good-looking couple.

The film was eye soothing. The setting, lighting, costumes, and music are the assets of the film. Ravi Varman’s breathtaking cinematography captures the picturesque island of exotic Corsica and Shimla giving an insight of enlivening countryside through a breathtaking cinematic eye and each frame features an endless amount of details. A.R Rahman has beautifully knitted the music so soulful unifying each song with the storyline. ‘Matargasti’, ‘Heer To Bari Sad Hain’ and ‘Agar Tum Saath Ho’ are the popular numbers and stand out from among this musical treat whereas lyrics by Irshad Kamil interprets the story plot obliquely.

His characters being vulnerable yet dignified balancing the conflicting feelings of both happiness and unhappy has been written with more clarity and consistency, and thus interpreting the narrative in a better way. Imtiaz’s countenance over the character’s trait of madness, drama, poised and anguish can be well perceived by their convincing performance. Apart from slight near misses, you will certainly fall in love with its artistic story, spectacular picturesque, distinctive lighting, convincing acting, impassioned chemistry, eloquent songlike music all in conjunction. ‘Tamasha’ being only of its kind unfolds the essence to listen to your heart and go on with your dreams. A movie that embraces human emotions amidst inner conflict with a subtle takeaway message that is positive and uplifting is worth watching.


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