Short Film Fakebook


Based on the misuse of social networking sites, director Mandeep Dhalua came up with a short film entitled Fakebook produced by AD Cine Vision and written by the former himself. The screenplay is written by Hemanta Gogoi and script edited by Priyanku Borah. Noted cinematographer Prithwiraj Dutta shot the film while the editing was done by Rituraj Dutta.

The cast includes Debashree Gogoi, Deepsikha Talukdar, Ramandita Rabha, Bhagyashree, Sandhya Kashyap, Dhrupadi, Komal Sharma, Hemanga Das, Biki and Sanjay Das. Hemanta Sarma is the publicity consultant of the short film Fakebook.


Spondan Bora

Engineering graduate, movie freak, writer.

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