Song Release: B-deshi by Axl Hazarika

B-deshi Poster
B-deshi Poster

Art forms are used as a reflection of one’s opinions and feelings. And one of the most popular medium is Music. Music speaks of love, music speaks of sorrow. It expresses vengeance, and it spreads news and views. And then there is music that flows from The Rebel’s heart.

“B-Deshi (Dispatch the illegal Immigrants)” is one such creation, straight from the heart of someone who has a message to send across. Composed, mixed, mastered and produced by Axl Hazarika with associate help from Ryan Hazarika on bass & Keng B. on vocals, this metal song comprises of English and mostly Assamese lyrics. As mentioned in Wikipedia, “Axl Hazarika is a new-age music composer, musician, producer, film-maker hailing from Guwahati, Assam. He is the first industrial/avant-garde artist from Northeast India”.

The song was written as a protest against the rising population of the illegal immigrants of Bangladesh in Assam, which has always been a cause of trouble for the state. The 2012 Assam Riots are a major event in the history of Assam for which these Bangladeshi illegal immigrants have been blamed.

Being citizens, these young musicians felt that this would be the perfect time (elections) to raise the issue of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in Assam.

Check out the song here:

In this season of festivities, this sure is a treat for all the Assamese metalheads !
Hope you enjoy the track! And do let us know!


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