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Who am I Web Designer or Web Developer

Who am I? Web Designer or Web Developer?

I am a Web Designer…no! I am a web developer…yes! Does it sounds good or shall I use the term Webmaster? For web professionals there are dozens of job titles to highlight their profile and to attract the recruiters. But...

Examples of Two-point perspective icon set

Introduction to Icon Designing and its Categories

Now a days, icons are everywhere – from cell phone to tablets, laptops to computers, websites to software… They are almost everywhere! And if you are a graphic designer, then maybe you’ve already designed a couple of logos for your...

Fast and Furious 7

Films to watch in 2014

2014 will see over thousands of movies hitting the screen across the world. But not all are worth watching. And rather impossible to be true. Mostly, this year will be filled with remakes and sequels. Here is a list of...

Camera lens mug

7 ideal Gifts for Photographers

Hello readers! In special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries which come once in a year, we are often confused about what kind of gifts we should get for our photographer friends. But now don’t worry about it! Here is a...